Republicans to Impeach Biden After 2022 Elections

GOP Senator Ted Cruz has warned Republicans can impeach Joe Biden if they win the House in the 2022 midterm elections. According to Cruz, Biden can be impeached on “multiple grounds.”

Democrats have weaponized impeachment in America

Answering the question of famous author Michael Knowles in a show called Verdict with Ted Cruz, Cruz claimed Democrats “crossed the line” in impeaching Trump; therefore, Biden’s impeachment can also be a possibility.

Accusing Democrats of weaponizing impeachment, Cruz asserted even if Biden’s impeachment is not justified, the GOP can proceed with it.

Furthermore, the senator noted making impeachment a partisan tool can backfire on Democrats, as this is the biggest disadvantage of politicizing such a sensitive matter.

While giving justification of Biden’s possible impeachment, Cruz stated “utter lawlessness” at borders can be a possible reason to impeach Biden, while some other factors can also contribute to impeaching him.

In addition to that, the senator stated Biden’s inability to enforce federal immigration laws (by allowing more than two million undocumented immigrants in America) violates the oath which Biden took to faithfully execute the American Constitution.

Cruz expressed his optimism regarding the midterm elections, saying the possibility of Republicans winning the House back in the upcoming elections is more than 90 percent. However, he claimed the Senate can go either way.

Another participant of the show Knowles joked about Democrats’ continued efforts to impeach Trump, claiming they would pursue Trump’s impeachment even after his death.

If Republicans move forward with Biden’s impeachment, this will not be the first time they go this route.

After Biden’s hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, four House Republicans filed articles of impeachment against Biden, blaming him for the faulty withdrawal and lawless conditions at the US-Mexico border.

Before that, Rep. Majorie Taylor Green tried to impeach Biden. However, in both of these times, this was not possible, due to the Democrat majority in the House.

Republicans will get 25 House seats this year

Meanwhile, Republican Congressman Ken Buck told Newsmax he is seeing Republicans making a net gain of almost 25 House seats in the midterm elections.

Buck noted the historical data suggests whenever a political party holds the White House and both chambers of Congress, the opposition party usually wins 25 seats in the midterm elections.

These comments came at a time when Joe Biden is having a historically low approval rating, as according to a recent CNBC poll, 56 percent of voters disapprove of Biden’s practices as president.

Polls of the same organization showed 54 percent of voters opined along the same lines in September, while 49 percent did in April.

As the midterm elections loom, Democrats are facing multiple crises, including rising inflation and the surging omicron variant, which puts Republicans in the driving seat.

Not only this, but the president’s party usually performs poorly in midterm elections, which predicts a bad run for Democrats in this year’s races.