Republicans Using Passionate Tactics to Get Congress Back

Republicans are increasingly using different intelligent tactics to regain Congress in the 2022 midterm elections. Included in these strategies are passionate redistricting, winning a record number of donations, and bringing “young guns” to contest in the next year’s elections.

Republicans are launching an all-out effort against Democrats

The largest House Republican super PAC sent a memo to political donors to get the donations, promising to replicate the Virginia win in other states as well. 

Dan Conston, the president of the congressional leadership fund, wrote in a memo that Tuesday’s Virginia elections reinforced Republicans’ beliefs the political environment is in their favor.

He also noted the GOP is looking to take many states which Biden won by more than seven percentage points in the 2020 presidential election.

Conston asserted in his memo that while Democrat nominee Terry McAuliffe only managed to get 65 percent of Biden’s voters, the GOP successfully retained 84 percent of Trump’s voters in the Virginia elections.

The revival of the GOP in the off-year elections was seen in their impressive display, not only in Virginia, but also in deeply blue states of New Jersey and New York, as well.

In their bid to outplay Democrats, Republicans are also becoming increasingly assertive in redistricting before the 2022 elections.

Republicans have successfully completed redistricting by approving new maps in North Carolina that will potentially de-seat Democrat Congresswoman Kathy Manning. Likewise, new maps are also likely to put Democrat Congressman G.K. Butterfield in a district which Biden hardly won last year.

Similarly in Ohio, Republican lawmakers unveiled draft maps that will reduce Democrats’ presence in the state by epic amounts. In New Hampshire, the GOP proposed a map that will help them capture the district of Democrat Congressman Chris Pappas.

Not only this, but Georgia’s upcoming redistricting efforts are also likely to sideline incumbent Democrats, ultimately helping Republicans in the next year’s elections.

GOP is relying on young guns to unseat Democrats

To complement their efforts of winning donations and putting on a strong redistricting show, Republicans are also introducing “young guns” in the next year’s elections.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican leader, announced a slate of such candidates who will compete in some of the toughest congressional elections next year.

Among these candidates include Tom Kean, Derrick Van Orden, Amanda Adkins, and others who are expected to flip the results in the GOP favor.

Meanwhile, GOP leadership has vowed to put on a show in the 2022 midterm elections. Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell echoed the same sentiments.

He told reporters 2022 will be a “very good” election for Republicans, as they can get both the House and the Senate. At present, Democrats are narrowly holding Congress.

However, the results of the Virginia election last week are a sign the Republican Party is gaining more popularity among American voters.