Republicans Will Push Biden to a Dead End to Protect the Border

Republican senators pledged to stop any omnibus spending package in 2022 which does not contain funding to build the border wall. This arrives amidst a national security crisis the Biden administration has been continuously unwilling to face.

Republican lawmakers will not vote for the 2022 spending package if Biden does not construct the wall

Five Republican senators are leading an effort to protect the US southern border. Included among them Cynthia Lummis, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Mike Braun, and Marco Rubio. These lawmakers wrote a letter to their fellow Republicans, urging them to participate in this cause.

According to the letter, the Senate Appropriations Committee’s funding proposal is unable to protect the US southern border by providing much-needed infrastructure.

Likewise, Republicans noted these policies are a repetition of the Biden administration’s inefficient measures which repeatedly fail to protect the country’s border. The letter continued, stating open borders create a national security crisis that the Biden administration is unwilling to tackle.

Republicans emphasized data in their letter, stating illegal immigration reduced by up to 87% percent in areas where the Trump administration constructed the border wall.

Mexico border awaits Biden amid rising crisis

The rapid surge in illegal immigrants since Biden’s inauguration has worried the GOP to an unprecedented extent; they have called upon the administration to take protective measures at the border.

However, Biden is persistent in ignoring these demands, which has further aggravated the crisis. The president also hasn’t made any attempts to visit the southern border, despite the overwhelming surge of illegal immigrants and concerning human rights abuses.

The US-Mexico border is a pathway for illegal immigrants from Central American countries; it also provides feasible grounds to drug cartels and human traffickers, as they continue to smuggle unattended children into the United States.

Recently, the Biden administration came into the limelight over the reports it is planning to give $450,000 per person to illegal immigrants separated from their families.

Instead, the White House opted to claim what they call the “root causes” (such as poverty and violence in the countries from where immigrants come) are key to the long-term solution.

This prompted the administration to give almost $310 million in additional aid to the Central American countries, while continuing taxing our own people back home.

Currently, the aforementioned appropriations bill is aiming to retreat wall funding of $1.9 billion and allocate it elsewhere. The bill stated instead of building a physical wall, the Biden administration would emphasize cost-effective strategies of securing the border using innovative measures.

Despite getting schooled by the GOP consistently, Democrats have not even thought about protecting the border. Recently the attorney generals of Texas and Missouri filed a lawsuit to require Biden’s completion of the wall construction at the southern border.