Riots Overtake Major U.S. Inner Cities During Anniversary of Breonna Taylor Shooting

When left-wing organizations such as Antifa or Black Lives Matter gather in the streets, violence tends to follow suit, sooner rather than later.

This country has witnessed riots and other forms of choas from left-wing grorups who falsely assert that their own agendas are social justice and equality. The most common displays of violence from left-wing activist groups often entail breaking into stores, looting businesses, and even lighting fires.

“Black Unity in Thurston” (CC BY 2.0) by dsgetch

It’s also no coincidence that this type of criminal behavior tends to happen in areas that are run by leftist leaders. On Sunday, fresh riots broke out in three major U.S. cities on the anniversary of the Breonna Taylor shooting, according to Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at This Past Weekend’s Breonna Taylor Riots

Last March, the death of Breonna Taylor happened in the midst of a shoot-out between officers and Taylor’s then-boyfriend. The police knocked on the door to announce their presence; Taylor’s boyfriend responded by opening fire on law enforcement which resulted in police officers returning said fire.

The political left has co-opted the death of Breonna Taylor to push for anti-police bills and cause mayhem in the streets. Furthermore, when demonstrators gathered on Sunday to protest Taylor’s death, it didn’t take long for things to get out of control.

Online videos show choas happening in Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles, California. So-called peaceful protesters also used Sunday to break store windows and hurl objects at police officers. Additional video footage shows that demonstrators laid siege to Oregon’s federal courthouse and then vandalized buildings.

What to Expect from America’s Leaders

This is not the first time that groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa have looted, set fires, broken into businesses, etc. It happened very often in 2020; yet, each and every time, Democrats in power excused this behavior.

There is no indication that the pattern will change this time. At this point, these violent displays are not about honoring anyone’s memory, but rather about going buck wild. Democrats won’t stop it, hence why these outbreaks keep happening in leftist cities.

The aforementioned violent outbreaks this weekend occured as Democrats call to defund the police. It also comes as leftist lawmakers introduce legislation that would hurt police officers and give criminals free rein. All of what is happening now is a byproduct of Democrat leadership in modern America.

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