Russia Committed Massacre in Ukraine

Ukraine is blaming Russia for committing a massacre after finding a score of dead bodies near Kyiv.

Reportedly, Ukrainians found dead bodies of people who were allegedly tortured before their indiscriminate killings.

Russia committed a massacre in Ukraine

Iryna Venediktova, the prosecutor general of Ukraine, stated Ukrainian forces found 410 dead civilian bodies in the region from where Russians retreated.

An Associated Press journalist saw the dead bodies of more than 21 people in the vicinity of Bucha, a region near Kyiv where Russian forces were stationed. 

A group of nine dead civilians was scattered around a place where Russian forces made their military base.

Reportedly, all of them were killed in a close-range shooting; some of them had their hands and legs bound.

However, Russia denied committing the murders. The Russian defense minister rejected these claims of Ukrainians, calling it a “provocation.”

According to the minister, “not a single civilian” was the victim of Russian aggression in Bucha.

These latest developments came after the departure of Russian forces from the nearby areas of Kyiv, as Putin is supposedly reconsidering his war strategy.

For many weeks, Kyiv was surrounded by Russians who were finding a way to enter the city; however, they faced unexpected resolve from Ukrainian forces.

Now, Moscow is claiming it is focusing on eastern Ukraine, but Russian forces are still bombing other areas of the country.

Kyiv Residents Recalled Russian Horrors

One resident of Bucha who spoke anonymously stated Russian forces were going building to building where they checked basements of many houses to bring people out of their homes.

After doing that, those soldiers used to check people’s phones for any anti-Russia evidence, followed by their merciless killings.

Another resident, Hanna Herega, noted one of her neighbors went to gather wood for heating, but the Russians ended up killing him.

The adviser of Ukrainian President Oleksiy Arestovych established by seeing these brutally murdered dead bodies, it seemed this was a “scene from a horror movie.”

Some of the women who were killed were even raped by Russian soldiers, the adviser added.

In another village named Motyzhyn, a resident claimed Russian forces killed the mayor of the town, alongside her husband and son, then dumped their bodies in a nearby forest.

Upon investigation, the AP found four dead bodies in the region that were shot at a close range. The husband of the mayor had his hands tied, and his eyes were blindfolded with a plastic sheet.

American Secretary of State Antoney Blinken called the images near Kyiv a” punch to the gut.”

According to AP News, many European leaders condemned Russia’s atrocities against Ukraine and demanded more sanctions against Putin.

The German defense minister even suggested the country should ban its gas imports from Russia at a time when a landmark project of gas supply between Russia and Germany was in the final rounds.