Russia is Demanding Alaska and California Back From America

As American sanctions against Russia strangle the country, a Russian lawmaker wants America to hand over Alaska and California to Russia.

The outlandish lawmaker also thinks the United States should disburse reparations to Russia in order to pay for the damages done by sanctions.

Russia Wants Alaska and Part of California Back

A member of state, Duma Oleg Matveychev, put forward a whole slate of demands for America on Russian television.

These demands declared the United States should return Alaska to Russia and cancel the settlement of Fort Ross, California.

The United States bought Alaska from the Russian Empire in 1867; the settlement of Fort Ross, which is 90 miles north of San Francisco, was also done with the Russian Empire.

Likewise, the lawmaker noted the crippling sanctions of the United States against Russia should be compensated by America with the help of reparations.

In addition to that, he also called on America, stating all properties belonging to the Russian Empire, the former Soviet Union, and present-day Russia, which were seized in the United States, should be returned immediately.

According to the lawmaker, Russians discovered the Antarctic, so the region also belongs to Russians.

As per the State Department, the sale of Alaska concluded the settlement efforts and the Russian empire’s trade expansion to the Pacific Coast of America. The United States bought Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million.

Those who oppose this sale call it “Seward’s Folly,” referring to William H. Seward, then-Secretary of State, who wanted the expansion of America and thus played a critical role in carrying out the deal. 

The same was the case of Fort Ross of California, as the Russian Empire had the colony on Fort Ross in 1812.

However, the region was not controlled very well by Russians.

They were unable to settle their terms with local Americans and the area was unable to produce a significant yield of crops. Ultimately, Russia sold it to America in 1841, as the area became a financial liability.

Russia Sanctions Biden and Other Democrats

All these demands are likely to go unheard, both locally and globally, as the United States continues its pursuit to sanction Russia as much as possible.

On Monday, the State Department announced fresh sanctions on the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, who announced his support to back the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Belarus was supposed to be the next target of Russia, as the country is not a part of NATO and sits right next to Russian borders. Likewise, 11 other Russian officials were also hit hard by the latest American sanctions.

On the other hand, Russia retaliated and imposed sanctions on President Biden, Hillary Clinton, and other US officials. However, the White House believes these Russian sanctions on American officials will have no impact on anyone.

Reportedly, those facing Russian sanctions will not be able to enter the country; all of their assets in Russia will be frozen too.