Russia to Overthrow Ukrainian Government Soon

After months of military build-up at the Ukraine border, Russian forces have invaded Ukraine, an event that is being considered the start of a new war in Europe.

Meanwhile, Russians are about to enter Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, as both sides claim to give severe damages to each other.

Russia threatens the world with dire consequences for interfering in its invasion of Ukraine

Russia President Vladimir Putin also warned every nation on Earth not to take any military action against its army.

According to Putin, any potential aggressor across the globe would trigger a Russian response “never seen in history.”


While the Russian president did not threaten a nuclear strike against any country directly, experts believe his speech is signaling toward such an attack.

A national security editor for BuzzFeed News, Mirian Elder, claimed Putin’s speech is a tactical threat of imminent nuclear war.

Likewise, a famous author on Russian affairs, Arkady Ostrovsky, believes Russia is threatening anyone who tries to intervene in the Ukraine war with a nuclear strike.

President Biden pledged to hold Russia accountable. However, he claimed the sanctions would “take time” before Putin could feel their strain.

The international community spoke up against Russian aggression instantly after the news broke. Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres emphasized Putin must withdraw his forces from Ukraine to “give peace a chance” in the whole world.

With each passing second, the forces are capturing new sites in Ukraine, which is worrying most international stakeholders.

According to an adviser to the president of Ukraine, Mykhailo Podolyak, Russia captured the Chernobyl nuclear plant. This is the site where one of the deadliest nuclear accidents happened in the history of mankind.

Russia aims to topple the civilian government in Ukraine

Lawmakers in America believe Putin is aiming to overthrow the government in Kyiv. Democrat Senator from Virginia, Mark Warner, claimed Russia would eventually invade Kyiv.

During his war announcement address, Putin stated Ukraine military personnel willing to leave for their families without fighting would not be harmed. 

While Putin promised to target military installations only by leaving civilians untouched, US lawmakers suggest this may not be the case. For instance, Rep. Adam B. Schiff stated apart from destroying military targets, Russia is also attacking civilians.


Schiff mentioned the United States had intelligence that Russia would eventually topple the government at Kyiv; seeing the ground situation, this is turning out to be a reality.

However, Schiff believes at the end of the day, Putin will regret invading Ukraine. This activity would bring Ukraine closer to the West, while NATO can come closer to the borders of Russia.

US Secretary of State Antoney Blinken claimed Russia is looking to increase its political clout in states that were part of the Soviet Union before its disintegration. However, Blinken noted NATO would block Putin’s way to achieve this goal.