Russian State TV Accuses US of Crossing ‘Unimaginable Red Line’

A foreign policy expert on a Russian propaganda TV channel claimed the US has “crossed unimaginable red lines” and declared war on Russia. Igor Korotchenko was responding to a statement made by US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who called for Crimea to be demilitarized.

The territory was annexed by Russian leader Vladimir Putin in 2014. Any attack on the area would cross one of Putin’s unimaginable red lines, triggering a major escalation of the conflict which began on February 24 last year.

Russian military expert declares Nuland’s comments as a declaration of war on Russia

Korotchenko argued that Nuland’s comments had effectively declared war on Russia. He claimed the US already “crossed every imaginable and unimaginable red line” and accused the US of being an “enemy” and “military adversary” of Russia.

Next, Korotchenko hoped that the Russian officials would give an “adequate, conceptual, doctrinal, and military response” to Nuland’s comments and that the appropriate measures would be taken.

The Ukrainian drones’ attempted strikes near Sevastopol, the largest city in Crimea, have already heightened tensions between Ukraine and Russia. The Russian-backed Crimean administration claims the drones were shot down over the region’s thermal power plant.

Mikhail Razvozhayev, the city’s governor, described the drone strikes as part of a “failed Ukrainian attack.” This development, along with Nuland’s comments, further exacerbates the already tense relationship between the United States, Russia, and Ukraine.

Annexation of Crimea key point of contention between US, Russia

The US and Russia have been locked in a bitter rivalry for years, with the two nations accusing each other of various offenses on the world stage.

Included amongst these accusations is interference in each other’s internal affairs. Back in 2014, it can be noted that Russia annexed Crimea, a move that was highly condemned by the US and the international community.

Since then, the United States and Russia have engaged in a series of proxy wars, including in Syria, where Russia backed the government of Bashar al-Assad, while the US supported various opposition groups.

The annexation of Crimea has been a key point of contention between the US and Russia, with the US and its allies accusing Russia of violating Ukraine’s sovereignty.

The US has implemented sanctions against Russia for its actions in Ukraine and the two nations have engaged in a war of words over the issue. The recent comments from Nuland and Korotchenko have only served to further inflame the situation.

It remains to be seen what the response from Russia will be to Nuland’s comments.

However, given the already fraught relationship between the US and Russia, it is likely that this development will only serve to increase tensions and further undermine the prospects for peace in the region.