Sacramento, Placer Counties Won’t Uphold Gov. Newsom’s Face Mask Requirement

"No Mask No Service sign, DIY Center, Bur" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by gruntzooki

In America, the issue of whether or not to wear a mask has become extremely controversial, heated, and political. This is largely due to health risks associated with frequent masking, along with Democrats’ obsession with normalizing the idea of covering one’s face while in public.


On Thursday, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared that state residents are now “required” to wear face masks while in public. Newsom joins many other Democrat leaders in ordering masks, rather than allowing Americans to determine whether or not they’re comfortable with covering their faces and re-inhaling their own waste.

There does seem to be some light at the end of the tunnel, however, according to Breitbart News. On Friday, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones announced that his office will not, in fact, uphold the governor’s decree for residents to wear face masks.

Where Does Sacramento County Stand on Face Masks?

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, the enforcement of Newsom’s face mask “requirement” would serve as “inappropriate.”

In a public statement, Sheriff Jones explains that the refusal to wear a face mask is such a “minor” offense that enforcing such a decree would heighten the “potential for negative outcomes.”

While the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office does recommend residents to wear face masks, they won’t be arresting or punishing individuals who decline to do this.

Placer County Says No to Forced Masking

It’s also important to note that Sacramento County is not alone in this decision either. A spokesperson for the Placer County Sheriff’s Office has too confirmed the county’s refusal to uphold Newsom’s so-called “requirement.”

One can only hope that more counties join Sacramento and Placer Counties in saying no to tyranny. The only way that face mask fascists will back down is when massive amounts of people cease abiding by or enforcing their “requirements.”

Do you think additional counties in the Golden State will refuse to uphold Governor Newsom’s face mask “requirement?” Let us know in the comments section below!