Sanders Says NO to Raising Gas Taxes for Biden’s Expensive Plan

The Democrat Party is facing a major obstacle, as the bipartisan divide remains over joining the bipartisan deal.

On Sunday, Senator Bernie Sanders drew his limitations over the infrastructure compromise bill; the Democrat progressive remain hesitant to join the party on one of Biden’s expensive legislative priorities. 

During an interview with NBC News’ “Meet the Press”, Sanders stated that he wouldn’t commit to supporting or opposing Biden’s expensive plan. He said this is because the final features of the plan still have to be negotiated. Sanders also clarified that there are still red lines that he won’t cross to support.

The progressive Democrat senator mentioned, however, that what he can see in the bill in terms of its spending is mostly good, such as the roads and bridges; these are some areas that the country should work on. He continued, saying this is what they are proposing in their legislation, but in a greater number. 

Biden’s spending bill will possibly raise gas tax

However, Sanders has one concern about the bipartisan bill. He mentioned that it is not yet clear how will the country pay for this huge spending proposal. 

The senator then mentioned some of the speculations are adding a fee on electric vehicles, privatization of infrastructure, and raising gas taxes. According to Sanders, the latter he sternly does not support. 

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The negotiations for Biden’s infrastructure proposal have gone back and forth in Congress for months and as Biden is calling for the $4 trillion plan. Meanwhile, Republicans are trying to pitch their proposals at less than a fraction of the cost. 

While the bipartisan group is still trying to iron out the bill, Democrats are already preparing another proposal. In case the negotiation fails for Biden’s expensive infrastructure plan, they will pass a plan without any Republican votes. 

Republicans are wary of legislation that is too broad

Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio voiced his concern about the Democrats’ plan. 

In an interview, Portman stated he and 20 other senators criticized the spending proposal. He added that the plan is a $6 trillion pack of progressive priorities.

Portman added that the Democrat Party should also suggest other ways to pay for the spending bill, other than raising taxes. 

The Republican senator noted that they should not let the economy suffer right now, as the country is only coming out of the pandemic. Raising taxes on working families could take a toll. 

Portman also criticized Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin’s proposal on a different potential compromise. He mentioned that although he appreciates Manchin’s effort to find a middle ground, he’s not completely on board with what Manchin is proposing.

Portman stated that Manchin’s offer on federal voting rights legislation is rather a federal takeover of the election system.