Sanders Using COVID-19 Outbreak to His Political Advantage

"Bernie Sanders" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

COVID-19 continues to dominate conversations, plans, and even politics across the nation. As President Trump and the White House coronavirus task force respond to the virus, Democrats aren’t hesitating to criticize at every turn.

To this day, left-wingers continue taking shots at the Trump administration’s management of coronavirus, calling for everything to be shut down, despite the already mounting economic fallout.


However, 2020 Democrat Bernie Sanders’ response to COVID-19 is actually quite unique. The failing socialist candidate is using this virus as a tool to extend the longevity of his presidential campaign.

According to Breitbart News, Sanders may continue to remain as a candidate until June in order to convince Democrat voters that he’s presidential enough to handle an outbreak of COVID-19’s magnitude.

Reviewing Sanders’ Latest Remarks on Coronavirus

In the wake of losing countless state elections and taking down ads against Biden, the only thing Sanders has left going for him is the outbreak of COVID-19. This explains why the vast majority of the socialist’s appearances and statements have included or pertained to coronavirus in one way or another. This is what gives Sanders the stay-in power to delay the inevitable.

On multiple occasions, the Vermont senator has used coronavirus to promote Medicare-for-All. Despite previously admitting that he has no idea how much this brand of socialized healthcare will cost Americans, Sanders still maintains that our nation is “at a severe disadvantage” without it.

In this month alone, he’s also participated in roundtable talks about COVID-19; meanwhile, Sanders’ campaign is using coronavirus to promote his “ability to weigh in on policy.”

Delaying the Inevitable

As previously mentioned, Sanders is currently able to delay the inevitable outcome of having to suspend his campaign; however, this doesn’t change the imminence of what’s to come. Eventually, coronavirus will come to a head or the socialist will simply run out of new things to say.


The reality is this: COVID-19 does not change Sanders’ standing in the race. With him being way behind Biden in delegate count and up against the Democrat establishment, the Vermont senator is all but done. The former vice president has also already expressed that he no longer wishes to participate in any more debates against Sanders.

At this point, virtually everyone in America (other than Sanders) knows that the 2020 presidential election is down to Trump vs. Biden.

How long do you think Bernie Sanders will be able to postpone the suspension of his presidential campaign? Let us know in the comments section below!