Santos Scandal: Puppy Theft Accusations Surface

Republican Representative George Santos, who is currently facing controversies, appeared on Newsmax on Thursday. He did this to defend himself against allegations that the $700k he loaned to his campaign is not legitimate.

He boldly proclaimed, “I have no fear in stating I will not face any ethical concerns with regards to that.”

Previous Theft Charge Resurfaced Against Santos

However, Santos’ reputation has been called into question after an old theft charge resurfaced.

The charge is related to over $15,000 in bad checks with his name, which were written to dog breeders in Pennsylvania for the purchase of “puppies” in 2017.

Adding to the drama, Santos’ former friend and attorney, Tiffany Bogosian, has come forward with her side of the story.

According to her, Santos sought counsel from her after alleging his checkbook had been taken without his consent. Santos, who claimed to be involved in politics, expressed concern about the potentially damaging impact it could have on his record.

Fortunately, the case was dropped and no charges were pressed. However, she still feels skeptical about Santos and his credibility.

“His actions don’t give him the right to hold a position that requires the representation of others in Congress,” she added regretfully. “I deeply regret ever becoming a part of this situation.”

Santos’ String of Controversy in the Past

There has been a lot of buzz on social media regarding Santos’s animal welfare organization and its recent adoption event, which took place shortly after the issuance of checks.

The connection between the congressman and charity caught the attention of federal investigators. Santos’s attorney was approached for a statement, but declined to comment on the situation.

Bogosian revealed another suspicious encounter with Santos, claiming he attempted to persuade one of her clients to invest a substantial sum in Harbor City Capital.

It has since come to light that the SEC accused the firm of operating as a Ponzi scheme. Bogosian also informed us that she and her client were interviewed by the SEC just two weeks prior.

“Santos is completely unaware of the fact that in a matter of two years, he will be shunned by everyone,” warned Bogosian.

Bogosian, who went to junior high school with Santos at I.S.125, said even back then, there were inconsistencies in the stories he told about his education.

“He claimed to have gone to Forest Hills High School,” she stated, “but I went there too, and I know for a fact he never attended.”

“I’ve since found out he only obtained his GED and that was the extent of his formal education. Anthony Devolder never pursued any further studies.”

The Federal Election Commission contacted Santos to confirm his intentions of running for re-election in 2024. Meanwhile, the Republican Party leadership in Nassau publicly stated they will not be supporting him.