Senate Staffer Who Accused Biden of Sexual Assault Speaks Up

The former Senate staffer who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault fired back at Jen Psaki; this happened after the White House press secretary claimed that the sexual assault allegation against Biden was “heavily litigated.”

White House press secretary claimed that the sexual assault allegations against Biden were “heavily litigated”

During the press briefing on Wednesday, Steve Nelson of the New York Post connected the sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo to the list of sexual allegations against Biden. Nelson mentioned Tara Reade and the group of women who stepped forward and accused Biden of unwanted touching.

It can be noted that last year’s campaign period, former Senate staffer, Tara Reade stepped forward and accused Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993. However, the allegations were revived after a separate investigation against Cuomo was made. 

After the investigation, Biden’s comments urging the Democrat New York governor to resign from office in relation to the sexual harassment allegations. Then, in the press briefing, Nelson asked Psaki whether there an independent investigation should be made to Biden, as there was with Cuomo. 

Psaki answered by claiming that Biden has been outspoken and clear about the importance of respect for women and making them heard. The press secretary added that it is also important for accusers to have their voices heard, be allowed to tell stories, and for people to treat them with respect.

The press secretary then claimed that the sexual allegations against Biden were “heavily litigated” during the presidential campaign. 

Tara Reade claimed that Psaki upholds rape culture and the Biden administration are perpetrators of crime

The claims made by Psaki sparked outrage from Tara Reade, one of the staffers who accused Biden of sexual assault; Reade says that the claims made by the press secretary were not valid. In a post on Twitter, Reade wrote that the sexual assault allegations were not at all litigated. 

Reade also mockingly posed a question, asking the press secretary whether she missed the litigation and the investigation. The former Senate staffer then noted that what she did not miss for sure is the attacks on her character made by Biden’s campaign when she stepped forward and revealed the sexual assault. Reade then claimed that she thinks it is not safe to come forward and tell incidents of sexual harassment. 

In a statement made by Reade in relation to the comments made by Psaki, she claimed that Psaki is not speaking for Biden. Reade then added that for sure, Psaki has heard about her, yet the press secretary upholds rape culture by showing her hypocrisy.

Reade said that the Biden administration is also hypocritical when they say they stand up for women who are victims of sexual assault while simultaneously protecting predators like Biden.