Shady Figures Pop Up in Hunter Biden Laptop Investigation

"Masked" by Alex Carter

Saying President Joe Biden isn’t actually the man in control is water under the bridge at this point.

He’s already stated it himself on a couple of occasions, but there’s no clear indicator of who this person is or why Joe claims he’d get in trouble if he deviates from the instructions he was given.

Until now that is! Biden’s son’s laptop has provided investigators with yet another name. This time, it even came with recordings of Hunter Biden boasting he can get his pops to talk about anything, as long as he can convince him it’s real.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Hunter Biden and his “questionable” search history

The recording dates back to 2018. It could easily be yet another one of Hunter’s drug-fueled monologues, but what sets it apart is the serious tone.

Hunter claimed so long as it’s important to him, his father will do anything in his power to make it part of the Joe Biden platform.

In fact, Hunter believes he’s the person Joe respects the most in this world. That says a lot, considering the investigation revealed thousands of provocative pictures and videos of Hunter engaging in sexual or illegal activities.

He goes as far as claiming the man he admires most, that being his father Joe, admires him just as much.

Hunter says he’s got enough support to do anything he wishes for, almost ignoring the fact his father has a political reputation to uphold.

This originally led many to believe the one actually calling the shots was Hunter himself, but as it would turn out, he’s likely to be yet another pawn on the real master’s board.

President Biden’s scripted press conferences

Biden has already reiterated many times that he’ll get in trouble with his staff if he doesn’t follow a certain procedure and say the lines he’s being fed.

This prompted the idea that old Joe was never the one in charge.

Unfortunately, he never said who this staff member was or why they’d be getting mad. This became even stranger when Biden claimed he was not allowed to answer any more questions during a November 2021 press conference.

Naturally, November was quite the turbulent month for the Biden administration. Between the supply chain bottlenecks and growing inflation, they had a lot on their plate. Yet, this doesn’t explain why the “head honcho” has to answer to some third party.

Furthermore, there’s a mountain of evidence, some of it provided by Joe himself, that his press conferences are scripted events and he’s always given a list of people to call on.

This is strange, to say the least.

What’s more, no one ever even bothered to ask who provides the script and lists for these events. Could Hunter be scripting the conferences to tilt the scales in his favor?

The dozens of texts between him and his psychiatrist point at it being an option, at the very least. Yet, considering this is a man whose search history contained the recipe for the production of crack, nothing can be considered conclusive evidence anymore.