SHOCKING: BLM Supports Cuban Communist Regime

The Black Lives Matter group was accused of hypocrisy after they ignored the pleas for help from oppressed Cuban citizens and showed support to the Cuban communist regime.

BLM praised the Cuban communist regime while the citizens are risking their lives to oust the president 

The BLM group released a statement that sparked criticism. The group, founded by “trained Marxists,” completely ignored the calls of the Cuban citizens asking for “freedom” from the oppressive Cuban government and rampant reports of police arrest and brutality.

Instead of standing for the Cuban people seeking “freedom,” the BLM group blamed the troubles in Cuba solely on the U.S. embargo policy, calling it inhumane and “cruel.” 

The group also alleged that the U.S. embargo was established with one specific intention: to destabilize Cuba and undermine the rights of Cuban citizens to choose their government. 

The BLM group also added that the citizens in Cuba are being “punished” by the American government because Cuba maintained its commitment to fight for self-determination and sovereignty. 

The radical left group further complained that the leaders of the United States tried to “crush” the Cuban Revolution for decades. 

Meanwhile, as Cubans are continuously risking their lives to oust Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, the BLM group applauded his regime. 

The BLM group wrote that Cuba has historically shown unity with oppressed people of African origin. The group also praised the communist regime for “protecting” black revolutionaries. 

Despite the atrocities against citizens in Cuba, the BLM group praised the Castro regime

The statement shared by BLM on its Twitter page immediately sparked criticism online 

Dan O’Donnell, a radio host, asked if the BLM group is now supporting police brutality. Meanwhile, another follower said it is “bizarre” that the group (which was founded to fight against police brutality) cannot say a word to criticize the police abuse and brutality in Cuba. 

Hillel C. Neuer, a Canadian human rights lawyer, also posted a tweet saying that BLM sided with the oppressors in Cuba.

Meanwhile, some lawmakers are saying that the hypocrisy of the BLM group is blatant. Republican Senator Marco Rubio is one of the politicians who expressed outrage against the group.

In a tweet, Rubio wrote that the “extortionist ring” known as the BLM organization took a pause today from extorting millions from corporations (and from buying themselves mansions) as they made a statement to stand with the communist government in Cuba.

Communication strategist Giancarlo Sopo, who once worked with former President Trump also called the BLM statement “disgusting”.

Sopo tweeted that despite the dictatorship in Cuba, the beating and murdering of protestors, BLM’s statement didn’t mention the atrocities commited by the Cuban government as they praised the Castro regime and condemned the U.S.