SHOCKING: Dems Expect the Press To Be “On Their Side”

A prominent White House reporter made a shocking statement, saying that Democrats downright expect the press to be on their side.

The media also feels frightened of losing social status if they go against the Biden administration. 

Prominent White House reporter: there is a dramatic change in press coverage during the Biden administration

While speaking with anonymity, a prominent White House reporter made a shocking revelation about the dramatic change in press coverage of the Trump and Biden administrations.

According to the reporter, this is due to the Biden administration’s expectation of positive press framing. 

The reporter noted that in general, Democrats have “thinner skin”.

Although this characteristic is not unique with Trump, Republicans do not expect the press to have a fair shake; therefore, as long as the press covers them fairly, they have a good working relationship with the White House and the Republicans. 

On the other hand, Democrats outrightly expect the press to be on their side; they are scared whenever you hold them liable as you would with any other administration. The reporter continued, saying that this goes back to the Obama administration. 

The press drew criticism due to their far more friendlier coverage of the Biden administration.

This starts from the more lenient questions about Biden’s ice cream preferences, gushing over Jen Psaki from Brian Stelter of CNN, and obvious praises of Biden from reporters like Yamiche Alcindor of PSB and Nicole Wallace of MSNBC. 

All of this stands in complete contrast to the aggressive style of reporting during the Trump era. 

New York magazine writer: the press is scared of criticizing Biden administration for fear of losing status

Last year, Olivia Nuzzi, a New York Magazine writer predicted that White House journalists would not be criticizing the Biden administration, due to fear of losing their socials status.

Now, Nuzzi is concerned about the media’s softer approach towards the Biden administration. 

Nuzzi said that what is happening at the White House is how she assumed things would go. There is something “gross” about that, she added. Ultimatelt, the Biden administration asks for more insincerity.

The New York Magazine writer also continued, saying that the current administration is passive-aggressive; meanwhile, the Trump administration was apparently aggressive. 

White House reporters would also stick to the narrative that the Biden administration is more “disciplined” and fostered a “professional” environment compared to the previous administration.

However, as a result of this, their jobs became more difficult. Just this week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki started the press briefing by singing Happy Birthday to a random reporter from Reuters.

Reporters who were interviewed also acknowledged that Trump and his administration were a good time for the journalism business.

Peter Baker of the New York Times made a remark, saying that stories about Trump on liberal news sites get more readers, compared to stories of Biden.