SHOCKING: Dr. Fauci Called GOP Senator a “Moron”

The GOP leaders of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committee revealed shocking emails, according to which Dr. Fauci knew coronavirus was intentionally leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci called a GOP senator a “moron,” as he was grilled by Republicans during his congressional hearing.

Fauci downplayed lab leak warnings given to him

Writing to the United States Health Secretary Xavier Becerra, Republican House members James Comer and Jim Jordan mentioned a conference call.

This call was between Dr. Fauci and the former director of the National Institutes of Health, Francis Collins, in which both of them discussed COVID’s origins.

According to Republican lawmakers, Fauci and Collins were warned the possibility of COVID getting leaked from Wuhan’s labs was high.

However, it is still unclear if both of them communicated those warnings to other government officials or just left them unattended.

The Republican lawmakers opined that Fauci and Collins may have played a role in ruling out the COVID lab leak theory.

Another doctor named Jeremy Farrar sent an email to Fauci, Collins, and the current acting director of NIH. This email mentioned the virus could have been accidentally released from the lab, resulting in an uncontrollable outbreak in the whole world.

Responding to the email, Collins mentioned he believed that natural origin was more likely. Later on, both Collins and Fauci stated in an email the lab leak theory could have been a “destructive conspiracy,” as they referred to an article that promoted the school of thought.

Collins further highlighted he hoped another article about the genome sequencing of the virus would curb the voice in favor of the lab leak theory; however, according to him, the new article may not get enough visibility.

Calling lab leak claims nothing more than shiny objects” Fauci wrote it would go away with the passage of time. Now, Republican congressmembers are asking HHS if Fauci and Collins told anyone about the COVID lab leak warnings or simply ignored them.

Dr. Fauci called Roger Marshall a “moron”

Meanwhile, Fauci was heard saying “what a moron” to Republican Sen. Roger Marshall on a mic, when Rogers asked him for the financial disclosure of his investments to Congress.

Marshall asked Fauci if he would be willing to disclose his investments, being the highest-paid employee of the federal government. Responding to that, Fauci stated his financial disclosure was already public for more than three decades.

After this, he verbally abused the Republican senator on a mic.

After hearing this, Sen. Marshall released a statement, commenting no financial disclosures of Fauci for COVID years are public.

According to Marshall, Fauci invested US taxpayers’ dollars in getting access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology; however, the absence of Fauci’s financial disclosures made him even more controversial.

The senator believed when Fauci verbally abused him, he tried to alleviate his stress, but it did not modify the facts.