SHOCKING: Liberal State Seeks to Normalize Drive-by Shootings

The lawmakers of liberal Washington state introduced a bill in December. This bill seeks to reduce penalties for drive-by shootings in Democrats’ bid to “promote racial equity.” 

Only one person has ever been tried under this law.

Democrats want to protect racial interests by normalizing drive-by shootings

Tarra Simmons and David Hackney, two Democrat lawmakers, introduced the bill that would not make drive-by murderers eligible for aggravated shooting, under which they could face life imprisonment.

In 1995, drive-by shootings were included on the aggravated first-degree murder list in Washington, which state Democrats are seeking to abolish.

Apart from this crime, other felonies which are qualified for aggravating factors include killing law enforcement officers, behind-the-bars murders committed by prisoners, murder-for-hire, and contract murder schemes.

The provision which Washington Democrats are trying to abolish indicated any murder committed as a result of a shooting (where the firearm is being shot from the vehicle or near the vehicle used to transport the murderer) was qualified as an aggravating factor.

While introducing the so-called racial reform, Rep. Simmons made damning comments, noting these sorts of provisions target “young and black gangs.”

Likewise, speaking to Fox News Digital, Simmons claimed since she believes in redemption, she is of the view that locking young people up is not the solution to the murder crisis.

According to the data of the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, drive-by murders were included in aggravated factors because gang-related crimes were surging in the state back in 1995.

For instance, while only three incidents of gang homicides were reported in 1991, 17 of them were reported in 1992. 31 came in 1993, 26 in 1994, and 13 in 1995, which prompted lawmakers to take this step.

Democrat lawmaker defended inmate punished for the drive-by shooting

However, despite having the availability of the law, it has only been used once against an 18-year-old Kimonti Carter. In 1997, he was involved in a drive-by shooting, which resulted in him getting imprisonment of 777 years.

Simmons defended Carter, noting he would have been punished with 240-320 months in prison, had he been present outside the vehicle at the time of the crime.

Yet, the discriminatory law and “systematic racism” helped him land his whole life in prison without any possibility of parole, according to Simmons.

In addition to that, Simmons asserted Carter is helping inmates get an education, using his own introduced program, namely Taking Education and Creating History (TEACH).

The newly introduced bill is of a retroactive nature, which means it would let Carter go free if it passes the legislature.

Democrats have a history of supporting so-called police reforms and criminal justice proposals that seek to defund the police in one way or another.

While many Democrats are being reluctant to voice their opinion about defunding the police, far-left lawmakers have often decried that proposals along these lines should be promoted in every possible way.