“Sleepy Joe” Lives Up to His Nickname

On Monday, Biden was slammed by Fox News host Sean Hannity for embarrassing himself and the United States during his recent trip to Europe. 

Biden caught sleeping at the UN climate change conference

The president took his recent trip to Europe as part of the climate change agenda of the Biden administration. However, video footage of Biden surfaced of him napping at the United Nations climate change conference. 

Hannity noted, of course, Biden’s aide came rushing to wake him up, making it the latest humiliating moment the United States president has endured. 

The Fox News host then stated he then thinks Trump was right all along; Biden is “Sleepy Joe” and he is living up to his nickname. 

It can be noted throughout the presidential election campaign back in 2020, former President Trump was consistently referring to Biden as “Sleepy Joe.” Trump also called Biden “Sleepy Creepy Joe.” 

Hannity added if President Biden is not busy dozing off, he is busy apologizing. Included among this is the blanket, pathetic apology the president made to Europe allegedly for the “evil ways” America has been badly impacting the environment.

The outspoken Republican host then claimed when the Trump administration was in charge of the United States, the net carbon emissions dropped dramatically.

Hannity added, in fact, former President Trump led each country into reducing carbon emissions. Therefore, instead of Biden making feeble apologies to Europe, he should be showing Europe how the United States of America got the job done.

Hannity on Biden: the president lacks plans for America

The Fox News host, shortly thereafter, listed out a series of failures the Biden administration is responsible for since getting into the White House.

Hannity continued to blame Biden for the drop in energy independence that was attained under the Trump administration. He stated Biden got rid of the energy independence Trump handed him, adding that Biden reduced the supply in the world’s market only because of his socialist Green New Deal agenda.

Because of the decision made by Biden, the United States now has to go to other countries. We have to beg them to produce more oil since the president decided to reduce the supply. 

Hannity then proceeded to list out what he believes is a list of failures on Biden’s end. He stated there is a massive shortage in workers because of the policies Biden pushed through.

Let’s also not forget record-high inflation, slow economic growth, and high energy prices, which means everyone is now paying extra for everything. 

The Fox News host then emphasized the Americans Biden decided to abandon in Afghanistan, plus the border crisis. The Fox News host later accused Biden of having no plans for the country, other than settling for less and paying more.