Some Afghan Evacuees “Flagged” for Possible ISIS Links

Some of the incoming Afghan evacuees were flagged by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection as a “concern.” Although the Biden administration boasted about how “thorough” they were with the screening process, they stayed silent about the number of Afghan evacuees the screening process has flagged. 

DHS is tracking the evacuation efforts for terrorists who might take advantage of the evacuation process

Representatives from the FBI, State Department, and Department of Homeland Security discussed on a call last Friday about the status of relocation efforts for Afghan evacuees that fled the war-torn nation after the Taliban swiftly took control. 

As part of the screening and vetting process for Afghan evacuees at the military bases all around the world, some Afghan evacuees were flagged as a “concern”.

CBP National Targeting Assistant Director Keri Brady stated in a call that it is precisely the reason why they are doing thorough, careful screening and vetting. The agencies likewise put in detail a series of scenarios that authorities are keeping track of domestically and overseas. 

The Department of Homeland Security added that they are tracking people outside of the U.S. who might take advantage of the evacuation process as a means to enter the United States. John Cohen, head of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis of DHS, also mentioned that included in the security concerns is the sharp rise of the ISIS-K terrorist group. 

Cohen: Afghan evacuees could create tension in the United States

According to Cohen, the evacuated Afghans could also create tension inside the U.S. He added that based on their analysis of online platforms that are widely used by anti-government groups and violent extremist groups, they have seen multiple narratives emerge that have something to do with the relocation of Afghan evacuees. 

Cohen added that in those narratives, there was a commentary that focuses on possible acts of violence that could be directed at the American government and others who could be considered as a symbol of the present government.  

On Friday, the White House press secretary declared that the DHS already took lead of the evacuees’ relocation as part of their key operation during the final stretch of the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Psaki likewise claimed that the United States already evacuated over 100,000 individuals since they started the evacuation process in August. 

Psaki also told reporters that DHS is working closely with other government agencies, including diplomats, the intelligence community, law enforcement professionals, the military, and many others. They are working together to make sure that the Afghan evacuees are thoroughly screened before being allowed into the U.S.

On the other hand, as part of the process for relocation, Afghan evacuees will be receiving medical support; included herein are the coronavirus screening process and access to the coronavirus vaccine.