Soros-endorsed DA Chesa Boudin Recalled

"Chesa Boudin wearing a The Future is Female shirt at 2019 Women’s march San Francisco" by Steve Rhodes

San Francisco may have taken a turn for the better in recent days.

The city’s district attorney, Chesa Boudin, has finally been recalled on account of his absurd woke policies and the fact 60.5% of voters felt he wasn’t suited for the position.

Some 24% of the city’s 495k electorate showed up to cast their vote, with over 70k of them voting against Boudin.

Although there’s still a certain amount of ballots to be counted, it’s fair to say the woke agenda peddler is gone for good.

“7748 Chesa Boudin” by mliu92

Americans show concerns regarding increase in violent crime rates

Proponents of the move rejoiced, knowing that San Francisco, a popular tourist destination, will once again start prioritizing visitors, shoppers, and employees, rather than those who endanger the safety of others.

Mary Jung, the woman who led the recall campaign, added this change doesn’t exactly mean the city has drifted to the far right in the characteristically left-leaning state of California.

It just means progressive criminal justice simply required more qualified leaders.

Boudin was ousted from his position by the campaign in light of citizens’ comments that his “soft“ policies turned San Francisco into a particularly unsafe residential area.

He was backed by a grand total of three districts, those being Haight-Ashbury, Castro, and the Mission, but the numbers were stacked against him.

Despite being well aware of this, Boudin kept pushing the idea he was merely outspent by “right-wing billionaires“ who wanted to get rid of him.

Boudin blames recall on San Francisco’s Republicans, a minority in the state

He added among his goals was the unification of the supposed “two justice systems.”

One is exclusive to the wealthy and well-connected, whereas the other is for everyone else, a notion that’s quite the reach, to say the least.

Democrat Mayor London Breed is set to find a replacement for Boudin; although it’s doubtful she’ll find a more suitable DA.

She is the woman who proposed a plan to end transgender homelessness, which is a top contender for the most divisive idea anyone’s had in the past century.

In spite of being appointed to the position of DA to help solve the city’s current crime situation, Boudin’s “woke” laws backfired horrendously.

It caused increasing crime and homelessness rates in the Bay area, ever since the start of the 2020 pandemic.

Since then, it’s only gotten worse. As it turns out, San Francisco’s murder rate has surged by 11%, with rape trailing right behind at a 10% increase, prompting the city’s Democrats to back the recall campaign.

This further disproves Boudin’s claims that the effort was driven by Republican officials, and solidifies him in San Francisco’s history as a radical leftist who did no good whatsoever.