South Dakota Enjoys Record Low Coronavirus Deaths

"Kristi Noem" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

For months now, the mainstream media, health officials, and certain politicians on both sides of the aisle have asserted that lockdowns and face-covering mandates are the best mitigation strategies against COVID-19.

Not only is this idea regularly promoted, but folks who disagree or dare to challenge shutdowns and mandatory masking are often labeled as “anti-science.” While lockdown advocates and compulsory masking proponents cheer these strategies, they are notably silent about South Dakota’s approach to handling coronavirus.


Over the past several months, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) has made headlines for a measured path to stopping COVID-19. This approach never involved lockdowns or forcing residents to cover their faces with masks.

Now, Breitbart News reports that South Dakota has experienced fewer coronavirus deaths than incidental injuries.

A Closer Look at South Dakota’s Mitigation Response to COVID-19

On Monday, Noem released a statement regarding South Dakota’s approach to handling coronavirus via Twitter. The Republican governor cited “proper precautions” as the best means of reducing risk and allowing people to safely live their lives.

In follow-up remarks, Governor Noem stated that “proper precautions” should maintain as Americans work on getting back to their regular schedules and routines.

The South Dakota governor is one of the few in the nation who has refrained from implementing an executive order demanding residents to wear face masks. Likewise, Noem has also declined to force businesses in her state to shut down; the same cannot be said for many Democrat governors and even some Republican ones.

Throughout the plight of COVID-19, Noem has emphasized the importance of sharing facts, information, and recommendations with residents while still allowing people their freedom and choices. Such calls have earned the South Dakota governor accolades from many conservatives across the nation.

More from the South Dakota Governor

Governor Noem additionally remains supportive of reopening schools. Earlier this week, the Republican governor convened with parents in the state to discuss a safe return to the classrooms for young people.

In previous weeks, Noem also drew attention to a study showing that learning effectiveness is higher for children in schools, as opposed to online. Many advocates of school shutdowns remained silent about this.

Some Americans have furthermore suggested implementing certain precautions while allowing kids back in classrooms; these precautions could include temperature checks and moderate social distancing.

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