South Dakota Says No to Illegal Immigrant Resettlements

"Kristi Noem" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

If President Biden had his way, the entire nation would believe that surges in illegal immigrants at the border are all because he’s a “nice guy.” 

After all, Biden professed at the White House weeks ago that he’s happy that so many migrants view him as a “nice guy” and are therefore coming to the border. This is not why the surge at the Southern border is happening.

“Marine One with President Donald Trump a” (CC BY 2.0) by Michael Vadon

In actuality, many human traffickers, drug cartels, terrorists, etc., are making their way to the border to exploit the crisis. Now, as the border keeps getting overrun, President Biden is looking to resettle illegal immigrants in different states across the country. 

South Dakota has already stood up and said that their state won’t be accepting any illegal immigrant resettlement, as Breitbart News confirms. 

South Dakota Takes a Stand

On Wednesday, South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem spoke with Fox News about the border crisis. Noem explained that she has observed illegal border crossings and the danger this brings.

After declaring that Biden is making the United States a less safe place, the South Dakota governor explained that she will not accept the resettlement of illegal immigrants in her state. 

Noem then pointed out that many of the current border crossers are also individuals on the terrorist watch list. The South Dakota governor also stated that American citizens are more than welcome in the state she governs. 

Keeping America Safe

Biden continues working to make Americans pay the price for his bad border policies. Illegal immigrant resettlements are only just the start. 

In addition to this, the Democrat president is also putting migrants in hotels at the expense of taxpayers. By also placing illegal immigrants in U.S. communities, Biden is endangering the American people.

Governors across the nation have every right to say no to Biden’s resettlements. Biden does not have the right to endanger Americans, potentially exposing them to cartels, terrorists, etc.

Biden has faced multiple calls to put back in place successful border policies. Reforms such as Remain in Mexico kept the border under control and not overrun. President Biden, however, has absolutely no intention of fixing the mess he engendered. 

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