Suicides, Drug Abuse Surpass Coronavirus Deaths

"US Delegation to the 72nd World Health A" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by US Mission Geneva

The aftermath of coronavirus responses continues to have very real consequences in the world.

Across the nation, many Americans are suffering from extremely real mental, emotional, and financial plights. Isolation doesn’t bode well for individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.


People who feel cut off or otherwise powerless due to sweeping executive orders are also struggling. None of this is helped by the fact that millions of Americans have lost their employment and health insurance.

Now, the CDC Director is stating that suicides and drug abuse among high school students have already surpassed coronavirus deaths, according to Townhall.

The Hidden COVID-19 Data

The mainstream media continues working overtime to plaster “new cases” of coronavirus deaths across the nation. However, what’s less talked about is the negative impacts associated with attempts to fight off the virus. Many Americans are presently in a situation where the cure has become worse than COVID-19 itself.

Per CDC Director Robert Redfield, more high school students are dying from the misuse of drugs and committing suicide than from coronavirus. Redfield then cited this alarming, new data as a reason to not neglect people’s “overall social being.”

The CDC director then stated that Americans should work together on finding “common ground” to safely and comfortably reopen schools across the nation. These remarks arrive as America remains in a national debate about whether to reopen classrooms or turn education into a strictly online-learning model.

Safely Reopening Schools

Like a series of other issues stemming from coronavirus, the debate on whether or not to reopen schools has become highly political.

Democrats and left-leaning teachers’ unions are claiming that schools should remain closed for safety reasons.

This comes in spite of many available precautions that schools can take to get children back in classrooms while still decreasing the very small possibility of coronavirus transmission; social distancing in classrooms and temperature checks are just a couple examples of available precautions.

Conservatives are warning about the mental, social, and emotional consequences that can come from depriving kids of in-person education. Some Republicans have also suggested that the crusade for exclusive online learning is a plot to hurt President Trump’s re-election chances.

What do you think about suicides and drug abuse surpassing coronavirus deaths? Should schools reopen this fall? Let us know down below in the comments section.