Suppressive Policies Banned by this Newly Inaugurated Governor

Glenn Youngkin, the new governor of Virginia, issued 11 executive orders on the first day of his governorship, as he assumed office on Saturday.

Meanwhile, right after becoming the governor, Youngkin started working on his core campaign promise of keeping American students away from critical race theory (CRT).

Youngkin followed his campaign promises on first day in office

Youngkin’s executive orders contain many directives regarding reforming the curriculum of state schools and finding “inherently divisive concepts” within the curriculum.

Likewise, executive employees can no longer compel students from adhering or affirming to any divisive concept, as per the newly issued order. Although the order does not explain what constitutes “divisive concepts,” it cited critical race theory as an example.

Since the issue of racial teachings came into the spotlight, at least 22 states have imposed limits on the teaching of CRT; meanwhile, left-wing media continues to label it necessary for racial justice across the United States.

In Virginia, the governor limited authority to intervene in local school districts.

While the General Assembly of Virginia can legislate to compel school boards in adopting a specific policy, Democrats are controlling the state Senate by a thin margin, which makes new laws highly unlikely.

However, senior Democrats of Virginia told the media they are planning to block most of Youngkin’s agenda going forward, which suggests he may have a hard time running the state.

During his inaugural speech, Youngkin stated Virginia could become the best place to live in and raise a family, indicating that Democrats curtailed public liberties in the state.

Parents finally get a say in their children’s education and well-being

Apart from issuing orders regarding the curriculum, the governor also scrapped mask mandates in schools, while blocking vaccine mandates for state employees.

Recently the US Supreme Court likewise blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate for private employees, claiming that it was overbroad, sweeping legislation.

Claiming to start his work as promised, Youngkin said the steps he is taking today would reshape the state of Virginia in the fields of education, public safety, increasing jobs, opening closed down businesses, and making the government work for Virginians.

Further elaborating his progress, Youngkin highlighted he is working with the leaders of the General Assembly to actualize the rest of his “Day One Game Plans,” which includes 59 pieces of legislation and over 12 budget amendments.

He mentioned many taxes, including grocery taxes and taxes on the first $40,000 of retirement pay for veterans, would be eliminated.

Similarly, the governor promised to restore the trust of Virginians in the parole board of communication of the state; not to mention that Youngkin created the Commonwealth Chief transformation office as well.

In addition to this, Youngkin also withdrew Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, ordered the prevention of human trafficking, and made a commitment to tackle anti-Semitism.