Supreme Court Gives Lethal Blow to Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

The US Supreme Court blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate against private businesses, as all six conservative judges voted against it. However, his vaccine compulsion against healthcare workers survived the Supreme Court’s challenge.

No more vaccines are required for private workers

As per the American Supreme Court, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) did not have the authority to impose these sorts of mandates.

Similarly, the court believed the mandate was an “encroachment” on the lives of people; it pushed mandates on every employee, irrespective of their occupational industries or vulnerability of getting COVID.

While criticizing OSHA, the judges wrote in their verdict this is the worst measure of its kind that the agency adopted since its inception in 1970.

Thus, the judges believed allowing this mandate would result in expanding OSHA’s authority without congressional approval.

Jeremy Dys of Fox News wrote this mandate is “illogical” and defies commonsense. Likewise, Dys stated if Biden really wants to implement this mandate, he should take it before Congress and pass it via both chambers, knowing his own party controls them.

However, according to Dys, Biden is under the influence of drinking the raw power which he has been practicing since the beginning of the pandemic.

Autocratic lords, Dys continued, demand they should be obeyed every time, as they want people to follow them blindly. This is what Biden’s doing.

Contrary to this, the same bench declared Biden’s healthcare vaccine mandate legal.

In the verdict for healthcare workers, two conservative justices, including Chief Justice John Roberts and Brett M. Kavanaugh, joined three liberal justices to vote in favor of the mandate.

Liberal lost their cool after listening to the verdict

Biden was happy with the decision of the court regarding the healthcare mandate, as according to him, it will save health workers’ lives.

However, the president was dismayed by the decision against his private employees’ mandate, which he believed obeys scientific and legal principles.

Liberal citizens and stakeholders lost their cool after listening to the court’s verdict. They started attacking the Republicans’ ideology, while asking Democrats to pack the Supreme Court.

A liberal association named Alliance for Justice said the US Supreme Court decided to prolong the pandemic by rejecting the mandate. Likewise, the hashtag #ExpandtheCourt started emerging on Twitter once the court issued the verdict.

Brad Woodhouse, a former official of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) and the right-hand man of Barack Obama, indicated Republicans want to make people sick and die. According to him, the Supreme Court helped Republicans with this.

Zan Petkanas, a Democratic strategist, attacked the ideology of conservative justices, as he claimed extremist judges are extending the pandemic.

Occupy Democrats, a left-wing media outlet, also opined that Biden should pack the court, as they suggested the “Trump-stacked” court is endangering the lives of Americans.