Supreme Court Vacancy Becoming a Headache for Biden

Joe Biden is once again pushed into hot waters as his worries regarding the Supreme Court nominee continue increasing.

A black judge of Alabama sent a letter to the president, asking him not to nominate frontrunner Ketanji Brown Jackson to the newly created vacancy.

Biden warned not to nominate Ketanji Brown to Supreme Court

U.W Clemon, a former Alabama lawmaker who served as a federal judge, wrote a letter to Joe Biden, slamming the bid of the potential nominee, Ketanji Brown.

The letter mentioned there are currently many exceptional women who can serve as Supreme Court judges, so the president should bar himself from nominating Brown.

While defending his bid against Brown, the Alabama judge noted she failed to deliver justice to the black community in a 2016 case.

He was referring to the Ross v. Lockhead case when almost 5,500 black employees won the lawsuit, but Jackson failed to disperse the $22 million settlement to the employees.

Likewise, Clemon mentioned Jackson failed to establish racial justice in the case that could have given relief to black communities facing oppression after her decision.

Thus, the Alabama judge said if Jackson became a justice of the Supreme Court, she would continue compromising on racial justice, which will encourage inequality in workplaces.

However, the White House seemed to be unmoved by the warning of Clemon; deputy press secretary Andrew Bates tried to reject all the allegations against Brown while speaking to NBC News.

He stated Jackson was able to win Biden’s nomination to the DC Circuit Court because of her experience of working at all levels of the judiciary.

Democrats face internal schism over the Supreme Court vacancy

As Joe Biden promised to announce his nominee to the highest court in the land by the end of February, he is about to begin interviewing the final list of candidates, starting next week.

Reportedly, the president is under mounting pressure from different factions of the Democrat Party. Right now, everyone is trying to get the nominee of their choosing. 

For instance, progressives are campaigning against another potential nominee, J. Michelle Childs. She is supported by House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, who has often endorsed her candidacy.

Progressives believe that Childs does not share the vision which the White House is trying to promote through the Supreme Court.

Sources familiar with Biden’s schedule noted the president would spend the weekends at Camp David.

During these weekends, he would dig deep in the personal and professional backgrounds of all the candidates who he is willing to interview.

While Joe Biden has not named anyone who is being considered for the new vacancy, he told NBC News he is looking into the resumes of “about four people” currently.