Taliban, China, Russia Taking Advantage of Sophisticated U.S. Military Weaponry

Former President Trump gave a warning about the U.S. military weaponry left behind in Afghanistan as a result of the hasty withdrawal of the Biden administration. Trump predicted that Taliban forces will have the “most sophisticated” U.S. military equipment reversed engineered by adversaries.

Trump claimed that hundreds of military equipment left behind in Afghanistan will be taken advantage of by the Taliban and U.S. adversaries

In his recent interview with Fox News, former President Trump slammed Biden and his administration for their botched withdrawal of U.S. troops and for hundreds of military machinery and equipment left behind in Afghanistan.

Trump emphasized that the decision made by Biden (resulting in the disaster in Afghanistan) is the “greatest embarrassment” in the history of the United States.Ā The withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan made it looks as if the U.S. ran and surrendered, Trump said.

The former president then went on to claim that the advanced military pieces of machinery left behind will be taken advantage of by U.S. adversaries and re-engineered. Moreso, the Taliban forces can now fight at night with hundreds of night vision goggles inherited by them from the U.S.

On the other hand, the Biden administration insisted that the U.S. troops were able to disable or destroy hundreds of combat vehicles and dozens of military aircraft. However, the Taliban still obtained hundreds of assault weapons, night-vision goggles, and other military technology supplied by the U.S.


Reverse-engineering U.S. military machinery is highly possible to happen

Meanwhile, former U.S. Army Col. Heino Klinck (and former deputy assistant secretary of defense) made the same statements, saying that re-engineering the military equipment left in Afghanistan is highly possible to happen.

Klinck added that it is not only about reverse-engineering the military weaponry; it could also mean reproducing the tools that were reversed engineered. He added that adversaries will attempt to look for technical vulnerabilities in these tools and improve them to their own benefit.

The former assistant secretary of defense also emphasized that right now, since the Taliban finds themselves internationally isolated, they are brewing favor with China. So what they will do is hope that China will use its influence and assist the Taliban forces. This is particularly true when it comes to economic and financial terms.

He stated he believes China can technically exploit the military tools left by the Biden administration in Kabul, Afghanistan. The former official then said he anticipates this to happen since the Taliban wants to build a relationship with China.

Klinck furthermore added that Russia and Iran might also try to attempt to reverse engineer the U.S. military machineries. However, he gave a warning that China is the greatest threat that could presently do so.