Taliban Shares Pictures of the Military Equipment They Have Seized Since Biden’s Withdrawal

As predicted, the fallout from President Joe Biden’s terrible decision to withdraw from Afghanistan continues.

Taliban Has U.S. Weapons

Toward the end of last week, the extremist group in control of Afghanistan, the Taliban, posted pictures of all the American military equipment it now has in its possession.

After Biden withdrew the American military in late 2021, cash, weapons, and equipment worth about $24 billion were left for the Taliban to plunder.

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Defense posted to Twitter, saying the ruined 300 vehicles in the 205th Army Corps were now fixed and usable.

He also bragged that about 300 military vehicles went from being useless to operational and were being used by Abu Dojaneh Brigade from the Badr Army.

He continued by saying out of the 300 fixed vehicles, 150 of them are International Kamaz trucks, 125 are Arada Humvees, and two are assault tanks. There are 15 Humvee ambulances, four Aradeh Taylors, and ten Aradeh Purcliffs.

The post also stated in addition to the above, hundreds of vehicles have been fixed up by the Ministry of Defense’s engineering and mechanical groups.

According to the post and if it is to be believed, the 203 Mansoori Corps (one of multiple corps of the Islamic Emirate Army founded in October 2021 and located in Gardez) fixed 41 different types of vehicles.

The post listed the following statistics as some of the types of repaired vehicles: 30 Arade Humvee tanks, six Arade International vehicles, and lastly, five Arade Ranger vehicles.

The thread was ended by the commander of the second brigade of the aforementioned corps congratulating the individuals responsible for fixing the vehicles. He also claimed the vehicles would be put to use if the need ever arose.

Americans Angered

Americans on Twitter have been completely outraged after seeing the posts by the Defense Ministry; many have called for the removal of President Joe Biden.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.