Teachers Bribing Students to Wear Masks

Some teachers in the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) bribed students to wear masks, as they offered different rewards to them.

However, the school district is taking action against the teachers, despite the fact teachers unions are pressuring students to wear masks.

Teachers Bribe Students to Wear Masks

As per the San Francisco Bay Area district, giving masked children free candies or doughnuts is a violation, so teachers must not practice this.

According to the administration, this measure is prohibited under the wellness policy of the district.

Likewise, WCCUSD noted children could feel compelled to wear masks when they are offered incentives to do so.

Similarly, those students who prefer not to wear masks can feel discriminated against, the district added. 

Students are sensing a political conspiracy in the whole episode. One of the students, Aisha Lamha, noted whenever someone takes off their mask in the classroom, they are perceived as a Republican.

As teachers unions still want the masks on, most of the teachers incentivize students to wear them, even though students are not mandated to wear them anymore, as per the law.

One of the teachers at El Cerrito High School, Lauren Ryan, stated teachers were upset, as the district wrapped up the mandate with short notice.

Not only this, but the district did not discuss the issue with the teachers union, Ryan added.

Parents Are Done with Masking Requirements for Kids

At times, the teachers union is overemphasizing the issue, which is a concerning thing for most of the stakeholders.

For instance, the union mentioned all of its members should continue masking to act as role models for students.

Likewise, the union said all members should set aside their beliefs and weak masks without any exceptions.

As omicron started receding, most states ended the mask mandates. However, some of the school districts which were not compelled by states decided to pursue the mandates.

Still, schools are now accepting the new normal, as they have started going maskless. This prompted advocacy unions to pose resistance, as they think it is too early to opt-out from masking.

All of this is happening at a time when enough scientific evidence maintains that masks are no longer necessary.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams becomes the latest official to make masking optional for children under four years of age.

If COVID cases do not increase significantly, children under this age will have a choice to go maskless after April 4, as per the mayor.

Amid all of this, Dr. Fauci is cooking up a new policy; he recently pointed out that COVID mandates could start yet again, as the threat of omicron subvariant B.A 2 persists.

Adams’ decision did not come smoothly. He was pressured by parents to wrap up mandates.

Reportedly, parents wanted the mayor to eliminate COVID mandates across the board for children of all ages.