Ted Cruz Running for President in 2024?

Ted Cruz ran for president in 2016, eventually being edged out by President Trump as the America First movement surged.

Following his loss, Cruz became a staunch ally of Trump and his vision for America, showing savvy political instincts and gaining many new supporters.

Now, Cruz is thinking of running for president once again in the 2024 cycle. Does he have a real shot?

Cruz 2024?

Cruz is currently probing his chances in New Hampshire, Iowa, and Nevada. These key early states will be very important to him if he wants to gain momentum for the presidency.

At this current time, Cruz’s main competition is clear: it’s Trump once again and it’s Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Other names that are being floated around include Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and other longshots such as Nikki Haley, Glenn Youngkin, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Rand Paul, Josh Hawley, and Kristi Noem.

If Cruz gets into this, he does indeed have a chance. His fate rests on securing a solid foothold in third and ahead of the other more marginal candidates.

At that point, he then has to hope for erosion of support for DeSantis and Trump or that both of them expend their energy and resources attacking each other while he grows support.

Cruz will also be testing the ground in 17 states where he’ll rally on behalf of Republican candidates looking for a seat in the upcoming midterms this November.

Getting his bearded face out there more and more is key to Cruz’s name ID rising and support for him growing.

Cruz Isn’t Intimidated

Cruz made it clear he won’t be intimidated or pushed out if Trump runs. He already showed in 2016 that he’s not afraid of Trump. He gained quite a surge of momentum in 2015 in the primaries, including in New Hampshire and in the Iowa caucuses.

Cruz has a lot of allies in the Senate and a solid funding network. He’s also easy to underestimate and many have done that to their own detriment.

Attempts to portray Cruz as extreme or too conservative only feed into support for him from Americans who feel the Judeo-Christian roots of the country are under attack and are eager for a candidate like Cruz who won’t compromise on that.

Candidates like JD Vance in Ohio, Herschel Walker in Georgia, and Blake Masters in Arizona are all being backed by a pro-Cruz PAC; he’s building up quite a strong series of connections.

In Nevada, Cruz will endorse Adam Laxalt and other candidates for Congress, while New Hampshire will see him back Karoline Leavitt. In Iowa, Cruz will stand up for Zach Nunn and Ashley Hinson.

These are savvy choices that will also boost his profile and give him some good sound bites as he stumps. Cruz shouldn’t be ruled out just yet.

The Bottom Line

Cruz’s candidates winning is the first thing to watch for. The next is to keep an eye on his competition. At this time, I would rate Cruz’s chances of running in 2024 as “all signs point to yes.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.