Texas Formally Lifts Mask Mandate, All Coronavirus Restrictions

As time passes, more and more Americans are growing tired of mask mandates, lockdowns, and other restrictions related to coronavirus. There are debates about the efficacy of these measures; furthermore, many people believe that mandatory masking, compulsory lockdowns, etc. supersede the ethical and legal bounds of the government.

“Statue of Liberty” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Sue Waters

Different states have chosen various methods of responding to this virus. As the nation gets further and further into 2021, some changes are being made. Certain Democrats, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, are now begrudgingly admitting that schools need to reopen.

Other states are pulling back COVID-19 restrictions altogether. On Tuesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced an executive order that rescinds the statewide mask mandate along with other coronavirus restrictions, confirms Breitbart News.

The Emancipation of the Lone Star State

Yesterday, Governor Abbott announced that effective March 10, 2021, Texas is no longer under a statewide mask mandate; the Republican governor furthermore announced that all Texas businesses will have free reign to operate at 100% capacity if they so choose.

News of Abbot’s decision rapidly made its way across social media. Many Republicans and conservatives lauded the Texas governor’s executive order. Texas, a well-established red state, largely criticized Abbott months ago when he chose to implement a statewide order for residents to wear masks.

For Texans who are pleased with the GOP governor’s decision, this news comes at an opportune time. Businesses learning that they will soon be freed from capacity restrictions arrives after serious winter storms in February.

Now, more than ever, businesses are in need of as many customers as possible. In Texas, along with other parts of America, this could literally mean the difference between staying open or shutting down permanently.

Criticism Against Governor Abbott

Left-wingers came out in full force against the Texas governor on Tuesday. They screamed that Abbott is responsible for the endangerment of Texans; however, the facts don’t support this assertion.

The governor’s decision to lift a mandatory mask order doesn’t prohibit Texans from wearing masks by their own volition. Likewise, businesses still have the freedom to limit their capacities, if they so choose. The lifting of the Texas statewide mask mandate and other restrictions simply means that residents and businesses are no longer under the thumb of the state government.

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