Texas Governor Refused to Entertain Pentagon’s Vaccine Mandate Orders

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has refused to impose a COVID vaccination mandate upon National Guard members, thus defying Pentagon instructions which suggest members of all military branches must get vaccinated. 

At least five governors all over the United States asked the Biden administration to rescind the vaccination mandate from the National Guard.

Texas governor asked Pentagon to not trespass on Americans’ lives

In his letter to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Governor Abbott noted he is the commander in chief of Texas militias; therefore, his executive order against vaccination mandates must be respected.

According to the order, the Texas governor barred any government entity from mandating citizens take COVID vaccinations. Thus, Abbott noted, the Texas National Guard and Texas State Guard are also protected under this order.

Refusing to impose a vaccine mandate, the Texas governor asserted unvaccinated guardsmen will have Joe Biden to blame if they suffer any unintended, negative consequences of vaccinations.

Likewise, Abbott stated in case the federal government ever tries to defund the Texas National Guard, he will invoke all possible legal measures to protect the medical freedom of guard members.

Recently, Austin announced funding cuts for unvaccinated guard members; however, Texas Republicans seem to be unmoved by this measure.

Apart from Texas, governors of Wyoming, Alaska, Iowa, Mississippi, and Nebraska also encouraged the federal administration to rescind the vaccination mandate for the National Guard.

The governors warned if this does not happen, they will establish their authority in stopping the mandate. All of these governors belong to the Republican Party.

According to GOP governors, they acknowledge the Biden administration wants to establish vaccination standards for National Guard members. However, according to the letter, punishing unvaccinated guards is beyond the authority of the federal government. 

The US Army announced nearly 96 percent of on-duty personnel have already been fully vaccinated by its December 15 deadline.

In addition to that, once all remaining soldiers who have taken their first dose receive their next jab, almost 98 percent of soldiers will be fully vaccinated.

However, nearly one percent of on-duty soldiers have refused to get vaccinated, which has mobilized federal authorities in taking the decision.

Texas federal court blocked the vaccine mandate for Medicare workers

On Wednesday, a federal court in Texas temporarily blocked Biden’s imposed vaccine mandate for Medicare workers; this comes as the latest blow of judicial action against vaccine compulsion.

Matthew J. Kacsmaryk, a US district judge, signed an order, noting the mandate would not be applicable until further order of the court.

After the verdict, Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General, asserted the decision is a win for freedom of choice, as the Biden administration has no authority in making health-related decisions for Americans.

Likewise, Paxton stated these sorts of unconstitutional measures had no place in Texas.

Last month, Terry Doughty, a US district judge, blocked compulsory vaccines for healthcare workers nationwide. However, the decision was overturned by the Fifth Circuit Court, which limited the ban up to 14 states only, among which Texas was not included.