Texas Governor Rules Out Second Statewide Shutdown

"Greg Abbott" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

With many states under a national spotlight in light of coronavirus, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) has the attention of many Americans.

The Texas governor garnered disapproval from many conservatives after ordering the re-closure of bars and mandating that state residents wear face coverings. Since these decisions, several Texas Republican groups have censured the governor; likewise, residents have protested and police sheriffs maintain that they will not enforce mandatory masking.


Due to Texas rolling back certain reopening measures, speculations have arisen about whether Abbott will order another shutdown.

The Texas governor himself had previously warned of another potential lockdown; however, Abbott walked these remarks back yesterday, stating that a second shutdown will not take place, according to Breitbart News.

The Possibility of a Second Texas Shutdown

During a FOX 26 Houston interview, Governor Abbott professed that he will not order another closing for Texas. Thursday actually marks one of multiple times that the Texas governor has reversed his claims of another possible, impending lockdown of the state.

Earlier this week, Abbott informed that despite facing many concerns about whether or not the state will remain open, he’s “abundantly clear” that no shutdown awaits Texans. The governor also noted that some Texas residents are “panicking” and unaware that for him, re-closing the state is “not the goal.”

Abbott’s ruling out of a second shutdown comes as other states gradually regress into their own second lockdowns, amid reported spikes in coronavirus.

How Will Texas Re-engage Its Education System?

At this time, the decision on how to reopen schools across the nation remains largely up for debate. President Trump and his administration have pointed to science indicating that children can safely attend schools; however, critics of the Trump administration claim that schools should remain shuttered for the safety of all parties involved.


Currently, Houston Public Schools have decided to host virtual learning for the initial six weeks of classes. Critics of virtual learning warned that ongoing education in this form will deprive children of necessary social skills.

The inability for young people to be around others and with their peers also comes with the risks of emotional and mental health issues.

What do you think about the Texas governor ruling out the possibility of yet another shutdown? Do you think Abbott should lift his mandatory mask mandate and allow bars to resume operations? Let us know down below in the comments section.