Texas Governor Transports Second Bus to Washington D.C

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is following through on this word, as he successfully transported the second bus of illegal immigrants on the doorsteps of U.S. Capitol Hill.

Earlier this month, the governor announced he would mass transport illegal immigrants to Washington D.C. as the soft-hearted policies of the Biden administration are surging illegal immigration in the red state.

Second Bus of Illegal Immigrants Reached Washington

On Thursday, Washington saw a second bus coming from Texas carrying over one dozen illegal immigrants. The bus reached its destination at almost 4:30 am.

Just last week, the governor announced he would move those migrants who are released from federal custody into Texas to the doorsteps of Washington D.C., with the help of the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM).

The fourteen migrants transported belong to Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba.

According to one of the migrants named Juan from Columbia, who spoke to Fox News, he traveled from his home country to Mexico via plane and then crossed into the United States from the Rio Grande sector.

He, alongside his friend, claimed they would move to New York City to join their other friends there. Reportedly, Juan wants to be a barber.

When the bus reached Washington, Capitol police came to the migrants for questioning at 4:45 am. Afterward, members of a Catholic charity also arrived who were already waiting for migrants.

Before this bus, another bus reached Capitol Hill Wednesday morning.

According to Fox News, the occupants of the first bus also belonged to the same four countries and entered the United States from the Del Rio sector in Texas.

Abbott’s Strategy is Working

While the White House claimed this is a popularity stunt from the governor, reports suggest the plan is already working.

As per the TDEM, the federal government stopped dropping more immigrants into troubled communities like those of Terrell County and the Rio Grande valley. The government did this after Abbott’s shocking announcement on April 6.

TDEM stated it dispatched numerous buses to different border communities over the last weekend, where illegal immigrants were identified.

The buses sent have the capacity of 40 people.

This came at the time when the Biden administration was all-set to terminate Title 42, which would urge more illegal immigrants to enter the United States.

“Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas” (CC BY 2.0) by World Travel & Tourism Council

Experts believe this attempt of the Texas governor can also encourage other red states to follow suit, which will push Biden to reconsider his controversial decision.

According to the governor, Texas deserves an “aggressive” strategy to deal with the surging border crisis. However, Biden’s “lackluster leadership” is making matters worse. 

Abbott also claimed the federal government is hesitant to enforce policies that kept America safe for a long time.

The Texas government is stepping up to save the people of the state from deadly criminals who could push the state into chaos otherwise.