The 12 Biden Blunders of Christmas

North Dakota GOP Sen. Kevin Cramer outlined Biden’s 12 failures in his Senate speech, with the theme “12 Biden Blunders of Christmas.”

Ahead of his speech, Cramer noted before the end of the first year of Biden’s tenure, it is imperative to see the progress of Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer to comprehend where their performances stand.

Senator Cramer grilled Biden on his blunders

Cramer stated the first blunder of Biden was to introduce the big government socialist agenda known as the Build Back Better Act, which comprises nearly $5 trillion.

The senator added Biden did not bother to take into account Republicans’ opinions on the matter while continuously lying with claims the package would cost $0.

Secondly, the senator mentioned Biden hesitated a lot to take questions from the media; this was a shocking thing, as Biden is the leader of the freest country in the world.

Cramer reminded the media should not be the mouthpiece of the government, as it enjoys freedom under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Likewise, Cramer asserted the White House is busy controlling the narrative in the country, referring to White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s words.

Psaki admitted the government is promoting trusted content out there by fighting “misinformation” on social media.

In addition to that, Cramer mentioned how Biden gave Americans unprecedented inflation by pumping free dollars into the economy using his stimulus checks, which accounts for the fourth blunder of Biden.

Biden’s lies regarding the border, climate, and foreign policy exposed

The unfolding border crisis constitutes the fifth blunder of Joe Biden.

According to Cramer, Biden lied multiple times about visiting the southern border, but fact-checking media outlets busted those falsehoods.

Similarly, Biden’s inability to control the border triggered a border war, which helped many illegal immigrants enter the United States, with the Department of Homeland Security taking no action.

Then comes Biden’s plans to give $450,000 to illegal immigrants separated from their families, which is the seventh blunder made by Biden.

John Kerry, the US envoy for climate, made comments about getting rid of coal by 2030, which made the list as the eighth blunder of Biden, which according to Cramer, is not practically feasible.

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s comments made Cramer’s list as the ninth blunder of Biden. She recently said the US had no moral authority to blame China for the rising carbon emissions.

Cramer stated the US has much stricter laws than China, so these comments do not make any sense.

The US faulty withdrawal from Afghanistan was the tenth blunder of Joe Biden, as it left many Americans behind.

Similarly, the Biden administration’s response to Chinese hypersonic missiles was the eleventh blunder, as Jen Psaki noted that the US welcomes the stiff competition.

America’s soft-hearted approach to the Taiwan issue was the twelfth blunder of Biden, as the US failed to record its protest to China on the Taiwan issue in an effective fashion.