The Court is About to Decide Rittenhouse’s Fate

The jury is concluding the Rittenhouse case, as both the prosecutor and the defense attorney presented their version of events to the court.

While Rittenhouse’s attorney portrayed him as a child acting in self-defense, prosecutors accused him of perpetuating bloodshed in the community.

Verdict awaited: Rittenhouse case entered the final phase 

On Monday, both parties took turns presenting their case to the jury for almost five hours, as it was the final chance for them to convince the court. The court will start deliberations Tuesday morning on the case that widely stirred the debate of gun laws and vigilantism in the United States.

Mark Richard, the defense lawyer, told the jury Rittenhouse was defending himself after feeling threatened by a “crazy person” who tried to snatch his gun and kill him.

Eighteen jurors listened to the case, of which only 12 will be able to give their verdict. These jurors will be selected from the raffle drum that remained present in court during the hearings.

Thomas Binger, the prosecutor, told the jury Rittenhouse wanted to be a soldier, and he ignited trouble on site. He showed a drone video to the court repeatedly, which suggested Rittenhouse was pointing his gun at the demonstrators.

Binger likewise said Rittenhouse bought the gun unlawfully and created the danger, so he had no right of self-defense that night. The prosecutor’s lawyer was critical of Rittenhouse’s actions, saying he provoked other people, which resulted in a deadly night.

Rittenhouse case has intensified gun debate in the US

Kyle Rittenhouse is being tried on five counts in the court, on top of which is first-degree intentional homicide. He can be imprisoned for life if found guilty. On August 25, 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse shot two people and wounded one, amid the rising protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

At the first location, Rittenhouse encountered a local resident Joseph Rosenbaum. A Racine resident, Joshua Ziminski, fired shots in the air, after which Rosenbaum ran towards Rittenhouse, allegedly to snatch his weapon.

In response, Rittenhouse shot Rosenbaum four times, who ended up succumbing to his injuries. Consequently, Rittenhouse fled the scene and was followed by a mob, who pushed him to the floor.

Seeing what happened, a couple of people tried to snatch Rittenhouse’s weapon. This encouraged Rittenhouse once again to open fire on both of them; one was killed, while the other one got injured.

Ultimately, Rittenhouse was arrested on August 26, 2021. Rittenhouse had a Smith & Wesson M&P15 with him which has also stirred the debate of gun laws in the country.

The prosecutor denied the notion Rosenbaum tried to snatch Rittenhouse’s rifle, saying he was not even in the range of the weapon. Likewise, he added Rittenhouse could have fled the scene, instead of conducting homicide.

Binger further noted even when Rosenbaum was wounded and in no position of snatching away Rittenhouse’s rifle, he still fired the “kill shot,” which depicted the homicide was not in self-defense.