The Fall of Afghanistan is Another “Shame” on the Biden Administration

On Sunday, Republican lawmakers in Congress continued criticizing Biden for spending time in presidential retreat at Camp David instead of being in the White House. 

This all arrives as the Taliban is taking over Afghanistan and U.S. troops are scrambling to rescue Americans left in the country.

Biden slammed for hiding in Camp David

Republican Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio asked why the president is on vacation. He continued, stating that he did not think Biden took any questions from the press the whole weekend, so it is a scary situation. 

Republican Senator Tom Cotton also asked how come Biden is hiding. GOP representatives Jim Banks and Elise Stafanik likewise echoed the same criticism, accusing Biden of “negligence of duty.”

Last week, the White House press secretary stated that Biden likes to spend time in Camp David; it is a place historically used by U.S. presidents both for relaxation and for work. 

Psaki continued, stating that Camp David is a place Biden goes to to spend time with his family and be outside. She added that the place has absolutely beautiful scenery.

Democrat lawmakers also criticized Biden for his actions

Democrat representatives also voiced their concerns and likewise criticized Biden on how he withdrew U.S. troops from Afghanistan. 

Democrat representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota said that as a son of the Vietnam War U.S. soldier, it makes his heart ache to listen to the briefing of the White House about its withdrawal from the Afghanistan War. He added that the scenario is eerily similar to the saddening episode of Fall of Saigon. 

Democrat representative Vicente Gonzalez also wrote in a tweet that the current situation in Afghanistan is yet another “shame” on the Biden administration. He added that withdrawal of U.S. troops will never be easy; however, the situation didn’t have to come to this point. 

Gonzalez also added that the U.S. should do everything within its powers to protect national security, and help U.S. allies and partners. 

This situation would never happen if Biden projected confidence

Meanwhile, on Sunday morning, reports also confirmed that Ashraf Ghani, the president of Afghanistan, has already fled the country; meanwhile, the Taliban insurgents entered Kabul, the capital of the country. 

On the same day, an official from the White House also told Fox News that the president talked to members of the National Security team about the current conditions in Afghanistan. The official added that they will keep receiving updates throughout the day. 

GOP representative Jim Jordan also noted that he does not believe the U.S. has witnessed something as “crazy” like this in foreign policy since the Vietnam War.

The representative is referring to the Fall of the Saigon wherein Americans were seen being evacuated by helicopter from the rooftop of the U.S. embassy in 1975. 

Jordan added that we should hope that American lives will be kept safe. However, he noted that this situation would never have happened if former President Trump was still in office, adding that the U.S. would not be receiving the same treatment from its adversaries.