Thousands of New Ballots Found in Georgia Recount

President Trump, his supporters, and the collective of the GOP maintain that the 2020 presidential race is far from over. The more time that passes, the more apparent this reality becomes.

Democrats have vilified President Trump for not conceding the 2020 election; they’ve called him a sore loser and a dictator, even when vote counts are underway. Numerous reports of voter fraud (from poll watchers filling in empty ballots, ballots run through tabulation machines multiple times, and more) are present and the Trump Team isn’t going to be bullied into looking the other way.

“Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

It seems like this week is going to be interesting. According to Breitbart News, a by-hand recount in Georgia unearthed 2,600 new ballots that were not tallied the first go-around.

What to Know About Outstanding Ballots in Georgia

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s voting system manager, had some interesting news for the state and the nation on Monday. Per Sterling, an “amazing blunder” caused 2,600 ballots to go unaccounted for and therefore un-uploaded on November 3. The outstanding ballots furthermore came from an early vote box.

The outstanding ballots in Georgia are from Floyd County. Additional information from Sterling confirms that personal negligence is the culprit for these unincluded ballots, rather than software or equipment errors.

The details of the negligence are eyebrow-raising, to say the least. The outstanding ballots lacked not only inclusion on Election Day, but they also did not get scanned. Georgia’s voting system manner noted that the secretary of state and others are “perturbed” by this occurrence.

Thus far, the outstanding ballots in Floyd County gave roughly 800 additional votes to President Trump in Georgia.

Controversy Surrounding the Georgia Vote Recount

The Georgia secretary of state claims that the by-hand recount serves as a simultaneous recanvass, recount, and audit; however, with the count completion set for tomorrow and the certification of results set for Friday, some issues have already come up.

Georgia is reporting disallowing the review and confirmation of matching signatures; President Trump took to Twitter yesterday warning that without this review and confirmation, the recount is pointless. He then called upon Republican Governor Brian Kemp to starting opening up the “unconstitutional Consent Decree.”

If this many outstanding ballots exist in Georgia, then it begs to question whether or not other states have left out votes, whether intentionally or via negligence.

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