Tim Scott Scolded Biden for Ignoring Republicans

Tim Scott, the GOP senator from South Carolina, scolded President Biden for disrespecting Congress and ignoring Republicans altogether in his economic agenda negotiations.

Scott noted how Republican lawmakers have no idea of what is happening in Congress and only get information from newspapers.

Biden is taking a solo flight, endangering the country

During his appearance on ‘Life, Liberty, and Levin,’ Scott said Democrats did not get absolute authority from voters to promote such a huge financial agenda all alone without taking the input of the other party.

He mentioned Democrats are narrowly controlling the House with a three-vote margin and dependent on Kamala Harris’ tie-breaker vote in the Senate.

The GOP senator claimed Republicans have no idea what is happening in the country; despite being lawmakers, they get the news only from newspapers.

Likewise, Scott said the situation in the country is so vague the party with half of the Senate seats has no say in any matter regarding financial legislation.

Tim Scott added no committee is taking any action regarding the disastrous transformation of the American economic system, which will lead the country towards socialism.

The senator endorsed the existing US system, saying it allows poor people to come up the social hierarchy and achieve things they cannot in other nations. Scott gave his own story as an example.

Scott became a US senator after nearly failing out of school. He stated Democrats are overhauling this whole system all alone without considering opposing voices.

Scott also warned Americans Democrats’ violent taxation agenda is not meant to only rob wealthy people; it is likely to impact all Americans in one way or another.

Democrats are busy slaughtering the goose that lays golden eggs

Tim Scott also noted apart from increasing taxes, the Biden administration is also looking to find ways to get revenue from money people have not even earned yet.

While criticizing the incumbent government, Scott said these sorts of policies only discourage the system from bringing the best people to the top.

The senator further noted selling real estate is most often a once-in-a-lifetime transaction, and Biden’s approach of increasing taxes on it is absolutely wrong. 

He then accused the president of “killing the goose that lays golden eggs,” saying this sort of economic barbarianism has never been seen in United States history.

In addition to this, Scott likewise believes when Americans decide not to give any party an absolute majority in Congress, it is a clear indication people want lawmakers to work in close collaboration with each other by setting their differences aside, which is not happening at all.


On the other hand, Biden is busy negotiating a landmark social spending bill with moderate Democrat senators, Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, who refused to vote for the bill in its original form.

However, no Republican senator is being entertained by Biden during negotiations. This shows the government is trying to enact an authoritative and partisan agenda that does not reflect the true voices of Americans.

One of the core reasons for Biden’s solo flight is Democrats’ ambitions of taxing people heavily in the upcoming legislation, a demand which Republicans vehemently oppose.