Trans Resistance Network Responds to Nashville School Shooting

The United States continues to grieve in the aftermath of the Nashville shooting last month that claimed the lives of three kids and three adults.

Since the shooter in Nashville was transgender, this adds an entirely new layer to the situation. Some trans activists have started to make threats against Tennesee lawmakers who’ve helped pass rules that block minors from undergoing gender reassignment procedures.

Democrats have started to point the finger at conservatives and Christians, claiming they’re responsible for what happened in Nashville late last month.

On top of that, the Trans Resistance Network also put out a statement that much of the country has deemed to be disturbing, per Breitbart News.

The Infamous Statement

The Trans Resistance Network is currently taking heat for putting out a statement that emphasizes “consequences” for “anti-trans hate.”

The group also declared that figures and personalities on the political right have called for “genocidal eradication” of transgender individuals and worsened their struggles with mental health.

Later, the Trans Resistance Network’s statement accused right-wing Americans of using the tragedy in Nashville to push an agenda of “transgender elimination” and drum up fear.

Finally, the group made it clear that it wouldn’t be taking any questions pertaining to the statement it put out.

Fanning the Flames of Violence

The Trans Resistance Network has come under fire for what many Americans view as inciting violence.

Nowhere in this statement was there mention of the various threats that have been made against conservatives who believe children are not mature enough to undergo life-changing medical procedures that alter how they appear to the world.

Some Americans believe rhetoric from the Trans Resistance Network could very well put a target on the backs of even more Christians, conservatives, and GOP lawmakers.

It remains to be seen if threats against conservatives and Christian communities are taken seriously in the wake of the tragedy in Nashville.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.