Trump Believed to Be Winning Support from “Biden Republicans”

"President Trump Travels to PA" (Public Domain) by The White House

There is a curious narrative on the political left that Joe Biden is winning over Republicans.

Democrats and members of the Biden campaign maintain that Republicans are somehow rushing over to the Biden team; this narrative continues to be spread despite President Trump’s over 90% approval rating within the Republican Party.


Despite how much Biden’s campaign would like to steal Republican voters from President Trump, the reality does not align with the left-wing narrative.

In fact, new information from Breitbart News shows that so-called “Biden Republicans” are actually coming over to the right to vote for President Trump.

The Reality of “Biden Republicans” in the 2020 Presidential Election

Jeet Heer, a national affairs correspondent, has described so-called “Biden Republicans” as nothing more than an “illusion.” Heer goes on to note that while President Trump’s message is sticking with the GOP, Democrats’ attempts to win over Republican voters are ultimately failing.

It gets even more interesting, though; Danielle Pletka, a self-professed NeverTrumper, recently admitted in a Washington Post op-ed that while she didn’t vote for Trump during the last presidential election, she may wind up doing so this year.

Pletka goes on to state that Biden in office would consist of “a teleprompter presidency.” This came before the (former?) NeverTrumper expressed concerns about the Democrat nominee ultimately being puppeteered by “hard-left ideologues.”

Finally, Pletka admitted that the prospect of Democrats controlling both the House and the Senate doesn’t please her.

A Lose-Lose for the Biden Campaign

When Democrats talk about winning votes from Republicans, they’re typically referencing the NeverTrumpers; nonetheless, the left doesn’t yet seem to realize that even the NeverTrumpers are becoming turned off with the extremism of the Democrat Party.

Within the conservative wing, “Republicans” who support groups like The Lincoln Project are far and few between. Despite the claims of the Biden camp, a vast majority of the GOP remains strongly on the side of Trump.

Ironically, the 2020 Democrat nominee is also having trouble with winning over progressives. Many far-leftists don’t believe that Biden’s policies go far enough.

Even Biden’s socialist handlers, such as Bernie Sanders, have concerns about the campaign making it across the finish line. Sanders has, therefore, urged Biden to further his outreach towards the left’s progressive wing.

Do you believe that Joe Biden is truly winning much support from Republican Americans? Weigh in with your take down below in the comments section.