Trump: Biden Administration Has To Give Police Back Authority

In an interview with Fox & Friends, Trump argued that in order to control crime, you have to give back authority to the police. 

Trump highlighted the surging crime rates in Democrat-run states

During the interview with reporter Lawrence Jones on Fox News, former President Trump pointed out the surging violent crime rate in “Democrat states”. This includes New York and Illinois, particularly in cities like New York City and Chicago. 

Trump made a remark saying that it is “very bad” in Chicago right now. He also mentioned how the city encountered a deadly Fourth of July weekend; this is a weekend which Chicago Sun Times referred to as the “deadliest and the most violent weekend.”

In the deadly shooting, at least 19 people died and over 100 people were shot.  At least 1,587 were shot so far in Chicago this year.

According to the crime statistcs from Chicago Police Department, this number of shootings is 11% higher compared to 2020, and 58% jump compared to 2019.

The former president also noted that the crime rate in New York is soaring “through the roof”. Trump said that this is because all they do is target Republicans and they also eliminated cash bail. 

Under the former New York Law, prosecutors have to decide whether they would make bail or agree to have the defendant be discharged through their own recognizance.

The judge would then make their own decision. The attorneys for the defendant would usually make arguments as to whether the bail should be set at a lower amount or if it is inappropriate. Said arguments will be taken into consideration by the judges. 

However, under the current law in New York, courts are not allowed to set any monetary bail or to keep defendants in custody before their trial dates.  This holds up in almost all types of misdemeanor cases and for a long list of felonies.

These changes created an increase in crime rates, with 8.5% increase in murders in New York City as of July 4 and 37.8% spike in shooting incidents. 

Trump: Democrats aware that their policies in crime are radical, unpopular, and crazy

Trump then told Fox News that New York City is completely “out of control”. 

The former president also added that that police authorities can help stop the surge of crime. However, the police officials are scared that they might lose everything if they go after someone.

In a poll conducted in April by Fox News, they found that almost 62% – 63% of voters disagree with reducing the police funding and reallocating the fund to other areas. 

Trump also added that Democrats know that the policies that they have on crime are radical, unpopular, downright crazy. Now, the party is trying to pretend that they never patronized the “defund the police” movement. However, everyone knows that this is just a ridiculous lie. 

According to FBI data, the number of murders this year is up to 25%. Yet, Biden insisted that this surge in crime rate is due to the relaxed gun laws in the country; this comes as Biden pushes to restrict the Second Amendment rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.