Trump, Biden Campaigns Trade Blows Over COVID-19 Management

"White House Press Briefing" (Public Domain) by The White House

Measures to halt the spread of coronavirus in America continue to play a role in our nation’s politics, especially in light of the 2020 presidential election.

Democrats seeking to win election have made no bones about criticizing President Trump’s manner of dealing with COVID-19; it’s also important to note that this criticism comes in spite of rising approval from the American people and various concerted moves.


Over the weekend, the presidential campaigns of Trump and Biden sparred with one another over the former’s management of COVID-19, according to Washington Examiner. The Biden camp promoted erroneous claims of the president mishandling the situation, while Trump’s team defended his record and actions.

Trump vs. Biden on Coronavirus

The former vice president’s campaign first initiated this round of conflict after Trump’s participation in a White House press conference on Saturday. During this time, the president not only fielded questions from members of the media, but he also updated Americans about measures being taken against the virus and more.

However, Biden campaign manager Kate Bedingfield seized the opportunity to slam the president in a statement. Bedingfield thereby accused Trump of “failing to lead” and “passing the buck” in the fight against COVID-19. Moreover, the Biden campaign manager opined that Trump lacks “steadfast leadership” capabilities and the expertise to effectively communicate with Americans.

Not long after, the Trump team fired back via Andrew Clark, a spokesperson for the president. In Clark’s statement, he held Biden to task for coming out against a travel ban to and from China, the origin country of coronavirus.

Despite criticism from Biden and his team, the president’s approval rating of his coronavirus management continues to increase.

Who is Really Adept to Handle Coronavirus?

Biden is more than free to lob cheap shots at the president through his campaign team; however, this will not make Biden any more qualified. The reality is that while President Trump remains on the frontlines and working with health officials, Biden is simply saying whatever he thinks will get him elected.


In light of the former vice president’s inability to make it through three sentences and remember what state he’s in, Biden isn’t really in the position to dictate how Trump handles coronavirus. Because of the president’s work, there are more available coronavirus tests, financial relief being sent to Americans, and the increased potential for treatment against COVID-19.

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