Trump Committed to Getting Republicans Elected to the House

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Getting Republicans back in power is a huge priority for the GOP. After losses suffered in the 2020 presidential race and 2021 Senate runoffs, Republicans have some work to do.

“White House Coronavirus Update Briefing” (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

Doing the work to win elections means ensuring the confidence and unity of the GOP base; it also means getting Republicans to the polls when it’s time to vote. In order to make this happen, GOP voters need to believe that their ballots count and will make a difference; they also have to have faith in the Republican candidates seeking office.

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According to Breitbart News, President Trump will be helping House Republicans become the majority again.

Getting the GOP Back in Power

Yesterday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy met with Trump in Florida. During McCarthy’s meeting with the former president, the pair discussed a series of matters, one of them being Republicans regaining the House majority next year.

Following the meeting with the Republican leader, the 45th president released a statement via his Save America PAC. Per Trump’s written remarks, he is on board with helping McCarthy take House Republicans into the majority status yet again.

Before noting that the work for a Republican House majority has “already started,” Save America also explained that Trump and McCarthy worked well together before.

A Check on the Biden Administration

Getting the GOP back as the majority in the House, the Senate, or both would give Republicans a significant amount of power in Washington. In essence, the GOP would finally have the power to be a check on the most radical policies that congressional Democrats and the Biden administration seek to pass.

Some examples of these radical policies include D.C. statehood, ending the filibuster, banning fracking, raising the minimum wage, and more. Democrats are already professing that with both congressional majorities, they have the power to pass legislation whether Republicans like it or not.

This doesn’t bode well for many Americans; it also doesn’t bode well for the unity, healing, and bipartisanship that Democrats profess to want. 2022 midterms will be a test on whether or not Republicans can unite and get enough of their candidates into power to make a notable difference.

Do you believe the Republican Party will manage to win the House majority next year? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the GOP’s chances in the comments section below.