Trump Dominates Mainstream Media Headlines Months After Leaving Office

"Trump MAGA rally Minnesota" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by The Epoch Times

During President Trump’s time in office, he repeatedly stated that his term in the White House gave news shows high ratings. Trump explained that without him, the mainstream media would fail to excite viewers or hold onto their attention. 

“Trump Maga Rally in Charlotte, North Car” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by The Epoch Times

Since Trump’s departure from the White House, his assertions on this matter have proven to be accurate. Even with months of Biden as president, even after big tech blacklisted the former president from having profiles on their websites, Trump’s name is still very much relevant. 

Breitbart News confirms that the establishment mainstream media cannot help but fixate upon the 45th president. 

The Mainstream Media’s Complicated Relationship with Trump

The New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, and other outlets continue to focus on Trump post-presidency. Some of the latest headlines center on Trump’s fundraising, his disputes with GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, his influence in the GOP, his time at Mar-a-Lago, and more. 

There are several bits of irony to this. For starters, the aforementioned outlets and others made no bones about their loathing of the 45th president. Biased, negative coverage from these sources consistently followed Trump during his presidency; yet, even with Trump out of office, the mainstream media needs the very person they despise in order to stay in business. 

Another bit of irony deals with the overall lack of interest surrounding President Biden. Biden fails to excite or captivate the American public as Trump did. If this weren’t the case, the mainstream media wouldn’t have to rely so heavily on Trump; they could easily cover Biden’s decisions, happenings, and whereabouts and bring in ratings, clicks, and the works. 

What’s Next for the Mainstream Media?

By this time, the establishment press has realized that covering Biden will never bring in as much interest, ratings, or views as covering Trump. 

Many Americans don’t even believe that Biden is truly running things, despite his “presidential” status. When Biden speaks to reporters, he openly states that he’ll get “into trouble” for candid, unfiltered talks with the press. Meanwhile, Trump never had this issue. 

Judging from the habits and behaviors of the mainstream media, there’s no telling when they’ll find another golden subject matter to regularly cover. With the 2022 midterm races coming up, the media will have many ways to tie this coverage in with Trump. 

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