Trump-Endorsed House Candidate Raised $550,00 in the Second Quarter

Max Miller, a former Trump aide, received an endorsement from Trump and raised over $550,000 in the second portion of 2021. Miller is challenging Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, a Republican who voted to impeach Trump.

The number raised by Miller in the second quarter brought him over $1 million in funds since he announced his candidacy back in February.

Trump called Gonzalez a “disgrace” and a Republican in name only

Gonzalez is one of the ten Republicans in the House who voted for the impeachment of former President Trump. So far, Miller is the only Republican candidate to get an endorsement from those incumbents who voted for his impeachment.

Late last month, Trump made a trip to Ohio. He also attended a rally with Miller, where he criticized Gonzalez, calling him a “disgrace” and a “sellout”.

At the rally, Trump said that Gonzalez is a grandstanding Republican in name only (RINO), not respected in Washington, and someone who voted for the illegal and unconstitutional impeachment.

Gonzalez is an outspoken Republican representative who lambasted Trump during the riot at the Capitol. After he voted to impeach Trump, Gonzalez claimed that the former President “helped organize” and incite the attack in Congress.

The funds raised by Miller will more likely set him up to financially compete in the expensive battle. However, he still does not have the fundraising edge over Gonzalez, who raised over $1 million in case during the first quarter after pulling in $600,000.

Although the second-quarter numbers are not yet public, the Republicans who voted to impeach former President Trump brought in huge fundraising hauls for Gonzalez this year. This includes support from Republican representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

Both Kinzinger and Cheney asked their supporters to donate to Gonzalez. The two representatives also created a joint fundraising committee for Gonzalez. 

Trump endorsed Miller, saying he is a “wonderful person” and a “true patriot”

Miller, on the other hand, maintained that his bid for Congress is endorsed by former President Trump. Previously, he posted a tweet containing Trump’s endorsement.

In the endorsement, Trump described Miller as a “wonderful person” who served the White House well and will be a “fantastic Congressman.” The endorsement continued, saying that Miller is a Marine Veteran a true patriot, and a son of Ohio.

In the endorsement letter, Trump also claimed that Gonzalez should not be representing the state because he does not serve their interest, nor the people’s heart. Trump then claimed that Miller has his “complete” and “total” endorsement.

“I don’t live my life in fear of primaries,” said Gonzalez, who was first elected to Congress in 2018 to fill a seat vacated by the retirement of Republican Jim Renacci. “I didn’t do it for the first two years, and I’m not going to do it for the next two years.”