Trump LOSING Republican Leadership Status Among GOP

A top conservative firm released survey results this week.

The results do not look bright for former President Donald Trump. According to the survey, Trump will be facing a rough trend, as it found that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now more appealing than Trump.

Republicans No Longer Look at Trump As “Leader” of the Party

According to reports, the Family Research Council, a conservative polling firm used by well-known conservative organizations and Republican senators, surveyed 1,160 voters nationwide.

This poll has a confidence level of 95% and a +/-2.9% margin of error, which means it is not just some random poll.

The survey was made as a part of the polling firm’s effort to learn why Republicans did not do well in the 2022 midterm elections, even though many had predicted a red wave would be felt.

However, what was an expected red wave turned out to be nothing more than a gush of water.

Although former President Trump is still generally well-liked among conservatives, with 70% still looking at him favorably, these numbers are significantly lower compared to where they were in the previous surveys.

On top of this, a majority of GOP voters no longer look at Trump as the leader of the Republican Party.

The survey likewise found that the raid conducted by the FBI on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence boosted Democrats more than Republicans.

At least 35% of voters stated that the raid by the FBI was of particular importance in persuading them to vote for Democrats, compared to 22% of Republicans.

On top of this, Republican candidates and pundits may have unintentionally assisted Democrats by talking about the raid in the month of August. 

DeSantis’ Favorability Continues to Rise, Surpassing Trump and Biden

Meanwhile, the numbers of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continue to rise and the numbers have favorably surpassed those of Trump.

For instance, among Republicans, DeSantis is at +66, compared to Trump’s number at +44. Fox News viewers are at +58 for DeSantis versus +27 for Trump. What’s shocking is even Trump’s own voters in 2020 prefer DeSantis more at +69, compared to +54 for Trump.

On top of this, the poll also showed that DeSantis has more appeal to Independent voters, compared to both Biden and Trump. DeSantis’ favorability rating was net -3 compared to Biden at -27 and Trump at -39. 

Moreover, Trump has been viewed unfavorably by those who recently voted in the midterm elections.

While the traditional commencement of the presidential election season for 2024 is just a year away, people are eyeing Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.

However, Trump has already started to obsess over the popularity that the Florida governor is earning, calling him the foolish name “Ron DeSanctimonious.” On the other hand, the Florida governor merely brushed off the sophomoric attacks unleashed by Trump. 

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.