Trump, Pelosi Still on the Outs

"President Trump Pardons the National Tha" (Public Domain) by The White House

Throughout Trump’s first term in the White House, his relationship with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not been the greatest. Pelosi, a Democrat, has opposed Trump on multiple occasions; likewise, the House Speaker is no stranger to criticism on her inflexible manner of negotiating with congressional Republicans.

“President Trump Returns to the White Hou” (Public Domain) by The White House

The passing of time has not changed the standing between the 45th president and House Speaker. As a matter of fact, with Biden likely to succeed Trump, reports have indicated that Pelosi is more than eager for the 45th president to be gone.

Breitbart News reports the recent and not-so-nice statements that Pelosi made regarding the president during negotiations on a COVID-19 stimulus package for Americans.

A White House Transition

Joe Biden’s formal transition of power began weeks ago, following the General Service Administration’s green light. Americans now know that Pelosi is more than eager for this transition to complete; she and Trump have not directly spoken to one another in over one year, however, the House Speaker has certainly spoken about Trump.

Over the weekend, while Congress negotiated a government spending bill and COVID-19 relief, Pelosi candidly shared what she thinks about the president. Per the House Speaker’s own admission, she is “counting down the hours” until Trump is out of the White House; Pelosi then made a point of declaring that she will physically remove the 45th president by his feet, hands, and hair.

Due to remarks of this nature, President Trump has repeatedly questioned Pelosi’s sanity and fitness to do her current job.

Unity and Healing?

The House Speaker’s remarks about Trump arrive as Biden talks about the importance of unity and healing; as many conservatives have already pointed out though, Biden’s own party does not support unifying with people who share different political views or healing the nation as a collective.

As the challenges to the 2020 presidential election continue to carry out, Democrats haven’t ceased to unleash on Trump or the tens of millions of Americans who voted for him. Right now, Pelosi’s statements on the 45th president are very much in keeping with how the left views anyone who dissents from their viewpoints and policies.

What do you think about the fractured relationship between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi? Do Democrats truly want to unite and heal with Republicans in America? Let us know in the comments section below!