Trump Signals to Announce His 2024 Presidential Run Soon

Former President Donald Trump convincingly won the support of voters at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

After seeing the pro-Trump sentiments at the conference, the former president announced he will soon make a formal declaration of his second White House run.

Trump to Make Formal Announcement of 2024 Election

For a long time, Trump has repeatedly signaled his 2024 presidential election ambitions, but so far, he was hesitating to make a clear announcement.

During CPAC, Fox News Digital asked Trump when he would formally announce his reelection campaign. Responding to them, the former president noted there is “not a very long period of waiting” before he makes a formal announcement of his reelection.

Trump further added the United States has not been in such a dangerous position before, warning America has lost “everything.”

According to Trump, the country is facing both domestic and foreign challenges as the “prestige” of the United States was damaged when Biden haphazardly withdrew American forces from Afghanistan. 

Apart from $85 billion worth of war machinery, Trump continued, Biden left a number of Americans in the war-torn country of Afghanistan who are still residing under the tyrannical rule of the Taliban.

So, Trump emphasized he would soon make an announcement of his second run to bring the United States out of the prevailing crisis.

Trump Singlehandedly Won CPAC Polls

These comments of Trump came after CPAC revealed its straw polls showing an overwhelming majority of people supporting Trump over other potential presidential candidates of the Republican Party.

According to the polling, Trump won the straw polling by getting 69.1% votes, compared to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who managed to get 23.7% votes.

While different circles of the Republican Party kept on questioning Trump’s ability to keep the party intact from internal differences, the popularity of the former president is rising at a rapid pace.

This February, when CPAC met in Orlando, Trump won the straw poll by getting 59% of the votes. Back then, Ron DeSantis got 28% votes.

Senator Ted Cruz, who is also eyeing another White House run, only grabbed 2% votes in this straw poll. 18 more candidates were listed on the ballot, but they did not get more than one percent of the votes. 

Speaking to Fox News after the polling results, Trump’s spokesman, Taylor Budowich, claimed Trump is still the “most dominant force” in politics, adding the former president will continue to steer the Republican Party before and after the midterm elections.

The CPAC also conducted a separate straw poll, in which Donald Trump’s name was replaced by his son, Donald Trump Jr., while all the other candidates remained the same.

In that poll, DeSantis convincingly won the support of 65% of voters, while Donald Trump Jr. only got 8% votes.